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So :) lol here's just a quick guide for surviving high school that I put together. The first couple are more academic while the rest lean more on social and emotional stuff (for lack of a better word). I hope this helps you guys out :) If you have any other tips just comment them :) 
Time Management 
Knowing how to manage your time is a huge thing in high school. For some people it's a huge difference from middle school to high school. More homework, more tests, more classes. That's why its so important to learn time management skills early in the year. Try having a to-do list and anything not done at the end of the day gets turned over to the next day. 

Find Your Study Method
Personally, when I read something just once I remember everything. But That's just me, I don't have to study much but you might. So make sure you know if you need to study a lot or not. And also make sure you know HOW to study. Yes, the teacher might make you have note cards to study off and that may work out just fine for your friend but it just may not work for you. Everyone's mind works differently. Maybe instead of flipping cards back and forth you need to have words said out loud and say the explanation. It just depends what works for you. So test things out. See what works for you. Also, make sure you figure it out early in the year, when you have a whole semester to get up your grade from any mistake you may have made. 

Study In Good Time 
Don't get into that habit of studying only the night before and nothing more. Start studying a week or even two weeks before an exam. Evan more if you think you should. That eliminates a lot of stress and it helps the stuff sink into your brain easier. It also helps get rid of any cramming you might have done, and cramming comes with a lot of anxiety and just isn't a good way to study. 

Keep A Planner 
Planners are sometimes so helpful for people. You can fill in any due dates you might need and plan out your day to so you can get study time in your day along with extra curricular activities or appointments. You may find that a planner isn't for you though, if not try have a wall calendar or maybe an app you can use on your phone. Find what works best for you and use it. 

Self Motivation
Teachers can only do so much; give you information and possibly guide you a bit. But all of that is worthless if you don't do work yourself. You need to try and you need to actually want to learn. Motivate yourself with the thoughts of a good college, or a pat on the back from your parents. Yes those reasons might be a bit cheesy but if you really think about it its very very valuable. If not those, motivate yourself with making a deal with your parents perhaps, my little sister got a computer from straight A's last year-maybe you can create a similar deal with your parents. 

Have Time For Fun 
Along with time management skills you have to have time for fun. You are seriously only young once and spending all that time studying and stressing is just, well, a waste! Some time for fun also helps relieve a lot of stress and helps lessen any anxiety you might have. Work in some time for yourself into the day between extra curriculars, study time and anything else you might have and use it for things you find fun and relaxing. Perhaps you could just sit down and draw, read, play with your siblings, shop or just hang with your friends. 

Keep The trashy Clothes where They Belong 
In the trash. Trashy clothes are like rolling in mud in how they will get you attention but only from pigs. No girl needs to have her boobs hanging out of her shirt, ever. It ruins your reputation and even though it is wrong, people will judge. That's really just humanity, people judge. So keep your boobs in your shirt girls. Of course, you have the right to dress in what you want and what you feel good in but I'd just think through it first. 
Don't Loose Your V-Card If your not ready
With high school comes horny boys. Horny and sometimes very sly boys. Please, please please don't let anyone force you into loosing your virginity. Yes he might say "if you really loved me, you'd do this for me" That's not love. He's using you. And yes, it's not just boys that are the evil in this, its also your peers. If anyone makes fun of you for being a virgin they are messed up in the head. You are strong for being a virgin, you didn't give in to any pressure. Be proud of that and only loose it when you really are in 100% ready to do it. 

Don't DRink Or Do Drugs
Guys, seriously. It's illegal for a reason. It kills you. Drinking smoking, doing drugs-it all slowly kills you. If your not worried about health (which you should) think about this; first, it puts you in the wrong group. Your drug dealer, the people getting these cigarettes and alcohol-generally they won't be good people. And yes I know that's stereotypical but in my opinion, its okay to be stereotypical when it comes to your safety ("sure, that man looks strangely pedophilic and sure he just parked next to you in his blacked out, white unmarked van, and sure he looks like he grabbing a gun from the glove compartment. But hey! I shouldn't be stereotypical, so, eh, It's all good") Seriously, just don't even risk getting goody-goody with one of those guys. And second, It drags you away from your family. All lies do, especially big ones like say, your addicted to drugs. Just don't even start it and safe yourself from trying to quit. Got it? Good. 

Choose YOur Friends Wisely 
Tied in with not doing drugs, choose your friends wisely. Don't get mixed in with the wrong crowd, otherwise you'll find yourself doing things you'd never though you'd do, like shop lifting, or doing drugs-or even worse. Also don't get mixed with the "mean girls" the ones who tease every one and make everyone feel less than dirt. Just, choose your friends wisely, don't make friend with someone just to be popular, be friends with someone because, well you like them! 
Don't Let Others Get Under YOur Skin 
I was thrown into a school full of these four guys from Elementary that all had the habit of getting under my skin, they were bullies. Complete and serious bullies, I think I got at least 300 bruises from 6th grade. And even though I was thrown in with them in shared classrooms, I didn't let them bother me, I didn't let them bully me again-and trust me, this time around they were worse-but I didn't give them the opportunity to hurt me again. Do what I did and stand tall and confident and if someone does throw a hurtful comment your way flip 'em off and walk on. They don't matter. AT ALL. And letting them get under your skin will hurt you, your grades, your social ability (meaning not getting good friends). Don't let what they say and don't let anything negative happen to you with it. 

Don't Do Things Just To Be "Popular"
Don't bag a shi.t head as a boyfriend and take his abuse just cause being with him gives you social standing. Don't date any one you don't like just to be popular, actually. Don't smoke because people think your "cool" when your doing it. Don't throw up your meals and cease eating just cause you want to be skinny and in turn get popular. Just be you and do thing you actually want to do and just have fun the way you want to. 

Don't Judge! 
Forget the stereotypes, forget the gossip and stop judging people! I mean, just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she's a whore, for all you know, she got raped. Just because he has scars all over his torso doesn't mean he's emo. Again, for all you know his dad abuses him. Seriously, just stop judging people. I mean, my boyfriend is a bit of a jock and he's the smartest, sweetest guy I know. And I happen to know some popular girls who DON'T gossip about everyone and DON'T have that holier-than-thouh

Last but certainly not least, actually this is the most important point, be you. Be yourself. Don't change yourself for anything, not for a guy, not to fit into a group of people. Just be you. If you are the class clown, be the class clown. If your a classy smart girl, be a classy smart girl. Don't be a bubbly cheerleader if your not one deep inside. Just be you through and through :)

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