NOTE: So there are the guys (20 of them) for the 20 girls in the roleplay. After half the roles are filled I will allow people to start claiming guys. Guys will be played by other member and are allowed to be in stories. This group isn't just a fashion/story group, it is also a roleplay group. 
Anywhooo....check out the guys ;)

Name: Liam Fisher
Goes by: Liam
Age: 21
Bio: Liam is not a classic Tennesee boy. In fact, he was actually born and raised in North Carolina. Liam hates Tennessee and misses the beach which was his "mothership". He was always there surfing or hanging out with friends. This guy isn't very outspoken and is quiet until you get to know him.
Model: Liam Hemsworth

Name: Marcus Sailings
Goes by: Marc
Age: 24
Bio: Marc is a charmer but don't be fooled. He is a definitley a player and uses women to get what he wants and secretly wants to find love. Marc is scared to be in love. This guy has moved to Tennesee from Alabama about six years ago.
Model: Jensen Ackles

Name: Penn Hemmings
Goes by: Penn
Age: 26
Bio: Penn Hemmings is a male witch and is a tad bit on the evil side. He usually uses white magic, but tends to use black magic to get what he wants. Penn has secrets and none of the girls he has been with so far have figred them out. This guy has the power to speak to the dead.
Model: Orlando Bloom

Name: Aiden Willows
Goes by: Aiden
Age: 19
Bio: Aiden is a bad boy and is so mysterious no one really knows much about him or his past. He has lived in the small town since birth and has always been a troublemaker. Aiden thinks the whole witch thing is a sham and its just for attention...but he is one to talk.
Model: Alex Pettyfer

Name: Tyson Bedford
Goes by: Ty 
Age: 24
Bio: Ty has always been an overachivier and disappointed his parents and left his rich fancy life to join the military. His parents are still proud but just wants to live his life.
Model: Channing Tatum

Name: Carson Wilders
Goes by: Carson 
Age: 23
Bio: Carson has had some issues ever since his dad left the family when he was fifteen. Ever since he told him self he would never do that but trader a life of love for booze. Carson is an alcoholic and is very dangerous when he gets drunk.
Model: Chace Crawford

Name: Maxwell Parsons
Goes by: Max
Age: 22
Bio: Max is a total sweetheart and follows a girl and puts on his charm to get them to go on a date. He is a total romantic and knows everything there is to know about romance. Max isn't stalkerish when it comes to this and he has a bit of a temper. His secret? He is a virgin.
Model: Zac Efron

Name: Oliver Smith
Goes by: Oliver
Age: 21
Bio: Oliver has had a crush on Biana since Middle School. He has always been the dorky kid who does lame cute things for girls he likes but has never "scored". Oliver thinks bad @ss girls are cute and is not scared of witches at all because his mother is one.
Model: Shia Lebouf

Name: Damon Dowell
Goes by: Damon
Age: 25
Bio: Damon is a total hotcake. The problem? He is just as evil as Bianca. He is a male witch and is in a all men coven with Penn. Damon is a master at making spells and seducing women.
Model: Ian Somerhalder

Name: Christian Tolley
Goes by: Christian
Age: 26
Bio: Christian is a great gentleman and grew up in a family with a long line of female witches. He lives in a house next door to the Coven of Raven home with his witch grandmother. He is a writer of murder novels and is very famous.
Model: Simon Baker

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