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☆ Thursday :
Happy Turkey Day girls! Maybe catch a flight back home to visit the family or maybe stay here in NYC if you're not one of us Americans. Either way, enjoy some turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, and try not to eat yourself into a food coma!

event ; Thanksgiving!
location ; Jolie headquarters back in Germany
with ; no one
outfit ; in the set!
hair ; picture above
makeup ; peach blush, bronzer, mascara, gloss
mood ; resentful

❝ geschichte geht hier ❞

- - 

I packed my bags on Tuesday night. I’d be going back to Germany and visit the orphanage and Jolie of course. As I zipped up my suitcases, I left a note for the girls : 

/ / I’ll be on my flight to Germany by the time you see this, Happy Thanksgiving! Kisses, Archi / /

I felt as if I’d never see them again, which was quite a stupid thought, but I get attached easily ; it’s no surprise now. 

- -

I was already in Germany,but I didn’t recognize the city. It seemed the orphanage was moved to another building, and Jolie was expanded.

I decided to grocery shop since its Thanksgiving, and I wanted to show them that I’m more American now, and I really have started a new life. 

“Wie viel für die Kartoffeln?” I asked the clerk for the price on the potatoes

“Nichts! Für Sie, hübsches Gesicht, sie sind frei” he said they were free for me, a ‘pretty face’

I blushed and thanked him, “Danke! Habt einen guten Tag!”

He paused and asked where I was going “Wohin verreisen?”

“Der Fitz Waisenhaus” I told him, the Fitz’ orphanage

He offered to take me there, since it was relocated, farther than expected.

During our drive there, Ayla texted me “Hey, we saw your note! Miss you! xx “

Once I read that message, two more showed up, and two more, and two more, and it kept on going until I turned my phone off. 
I had finally arrived, but nobody recognized me. I left the food in front of the door, and knocked. I left before anyone could answer...anonymous gifts are meant to be touching, right?

Next stop, Jolie headquarters. It was strangely ‘expanded’. Now the founder actually ran a modeling agency. Too bad I didn’t stay under slavery back then. 

“Ist jemand hier?” I asked if anyone was around, back in my old office. 

Mr.Lexikon was sitting in his leather swivel chair, spinning and spinning like a child. This is the “We meet again..” scene of the movie...if this was a movie..

“Wer bist du? Wie kann ich Ihnen helfen?” he asked who I was and how he could help

“Ich bin archibalda …” I said, “I’m Archibalda”

He gasped, and inspected me as if some kind of plastic transformation had happened.

[now making the conversations in english]

“Wow, Archibalda! Is this really you?” 

“I’ve seen you in runways, and the front covers, I want you in my magazine!” he said as if I agreed so easily

“Thank you, but I’m not interested,” I continued, “I’m just here to leave you some food I made, it’s American, hope you enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving” I said and left him a box of pies and hams 

No, I didn’t quite miss Jolie. Never did, never will.

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Feel free to include Ayla :]

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perfect outfit...i love it so much

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Feel free to use Amaia :3

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