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Charlotte Jennings, 19
Hometown: Delhi, India
Previous jobs: Primary school teacher in training, American model in India for various brands
Bio: Charlotte, known by her friends and family as Char, is a star in the making. She discovered her love for modeling when one of her close friends in college used her in his photography project. She fell in love with the camera and the runway, and has moved to New York to persue her dreams. Char is the sweetest girl you could meet, and is very intelligent. Her father was one of the ambassadors for the U.S., and had to live in India for a while, which is where Char grew up. Charlotte is also great with teaching, which was her original career dream. Can she make it in the big league in New York as an angel?
Model: Lindsay Ellingson

hey girls its so nice to meet all of you! i'm definitely up for coffee or anything sometime! introduce yourself please :)
(friends, enemies, bffs, aquantainces, etc?)

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