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☆ Wednesday :
We're back in the good ol' Big Apple today! So take a day to relax and re-coup. Maybe hit the spa, or just chill at home with the gals.

@haute-hippie i would like to reserve dev patel for charlotte's guy please :)

story up! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
so i wrote this story and it didnt save...so sorry if it's not that good i'm trying to recreate it. 

So to start off the day, I went shopping with a few of the VS models. It was a lot of fun I was so happy I went! Maury and Isabel helped me pick out a stunning dress, too bad I dont have anywhere to wear it yet. And Ayla, Archi, Maya, and Athena were there too and they're such nice girls! Had such a great time, sorry I had to leave early! We all should go again sometime.

Later on that day I met up with Alesssandra for coffee. 

"Hey Char!" She waved as I rushed into the coffee shop.

"Hey girl!" I was breathing heavily from sprinting nearly 3 blocks. "Sorry I'm late, I was shopping for a little bit."

"Trust me shopping is the only reason to be late." We both laughed and walked up to the counter to order our drinks. 

"So you're from India right?" We sat down and took a few sips of our coffee. "I'm from Rome."

"Rome? Thats cool! I've never been." I've traveled all over the world, but somehow never managed to visit Rome. 

"You would love it!" She started talking about all of Rome and then asked, "How are you liking the city?"

"I love it! The only thing is I'm starting to miss everyone back home." I started to get upset at the thought of my family, friends, and Ash...

"It's okay, you just have to keep in touch with them! Plus, you are gaining plenty of friends here I'm sure." She complimented and I nodded. She was right, I was making friends here and who knew models could be so nice!

"You're right, thanks Alessandra!" I smiled and took a drink of my coffee. 

"Did you leave a boyfriend back in Delhi? It's Delhi right?" She asked and I nearly spit my coffee out of my mouth.

I swallowed, "Yes Delhi," I laughed, "and no but I left a very good guy friend."

"So your boyfriend." We both started laughing.

"No...no...we're just really good friends." She gave me the 'I know you're lying to me' look and I added, "But I wouldn't mind if me and him became something more."

"I knew it!" She giggled, "What's his name?"

"His name is Ash and--" 

"Ash?!" She interrupted and gasped. I had no clue what she was about to say, "My boyfriend is Ash too! Ash Hurley!"

Now it was my turn to gasp, "The famous actor Ash Hurley?" 

"Yeah." She smiled, "What does your Ash do?"

I started to blush, "Well my Ash isnt nearly as spectacular as your Ash in the career department." We both laughed, "His actualy name is Aashka and I call his Ash for short, and he's an aspiring photographer."

"Really? Photography is beautiful! Especially when your job is to take pictures of stunning models!" She winked and we both laughed.

"Amen to that." 

I was so happy with my day, I was finally making friends here and having the time of my life. I was just missing my family, friends, and Ash a little too much. I wish I could see them all again. Too bad we dont celebrate Thanksgiving :\

- - - - - - - - - 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! :)
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And can't forget @golnesaxox :)

Love, emily <3
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