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☆ Saturday :
Fourth Challenge - Today's the big day! The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! We've been waiting all year for the greatest show on earth, and now you lucky girls get the chance to walk in it! Create the perfect outfit for your model to walk in the show with. Afterwards, we're heading to the after-party! So get on those sexy cocktail dresses of yours and have a great time!

{This is part one out of two sets for the challenge--this set is for arriving to the show and actually walking in the show, part two will be the after party.}

- - - - -

Description of Outfit-
Inspired by: http://www.polyvore.com/lindsay_ellingson_hilary_rhoda_bregje/thing?id=69680826

I wanted Charlotte's look to be glamorous and dramatic. I love the cloud-like appearance of her skirt and wings, but the edgy black outfit she's wearing as well. I added the glittery bracelets for some shine when she's walking down the runway. I really love that picture, and tried my best to recreate it. 
- - - - -

What's one thing you can't live without the day of the show?
I could not live without the people around me. All my friends I've made here are so supportive about the show, especially since I'm so nervous! I couldn't be more excited, but still how could you not be nervous?! All my friends have kept me calm, cool, and collected before the show and I know I couldn't do it without them. 

How does it feel to be in this year's VSFS?\What's your favorite part about being in the show?
How does it feel you may ask? Words can not begin to describe the feeling of being able to walk in the VSFS...just a few months ago I was in India as an aspiring teacher. How on earth could a girl like me become a well-known model in such a short period of time? It's incredible. My favorite part about being in the show must be how I feel walking down the runway. I feel amazing, unstoppable, and like a celebrity. I've never had any feeling like it!

How did you prepare for the show?
I've prepared for the show in a couple of ways. Eating healthy, going to the gym a lot, spa days, and most of all--hanging out with the girls. Like I said before, they keep be calm and have assured me not to be nervous and to just have fun. 
- - - - -

Story (Arriving)-

"Oh my GOSSSSSSH!" I was nearly bouncing off the walls at my apartment. The place looked as if it was just hit by a tornado. Believe me, I'm not a messy person, but the fact that the VSFS was in a couple of hours was driving me to being a crazy person! Everything was not where it was supposed to be, and I couldn't find any of it. 

"Ms. Jennings," a voice boomed through my apartment and I dropped everything I was holding and jumped a foot in the air. "A Miss Ayla Murphy and Athena Cavalcanti are in the lobby."

"Oh goodness, " I mumbled, "Thank you!" I replied to the recpetionist at the front desk of my apartment complex. 

I gathered my things as quickly as possible, slipped on my pumps, and slid on my jacket. The girls were waiting in the lobby for me so we could go to the show together, and I joined them so we were off!

"I am soooo pumped!" Ayla cheered as we walked down the block. 

"Same! I can't believe the show is finally here." Athena added. 

"I know! Just the other day we were at our first shoot together in Hawaii!" I commented and just as I said that a huge gust of wind nearly knocked us over. 

"You had to mention Hawaii..." Ayla said and we all laughed. New York was beyond freezing lately and it was not okay. 

"Ahh we're here!" Athena ran to open the door and we followed in after her. 

"Girls! Head backstage for hair and make-up!" A tall blonde lady instructed and we rushed on back stage to make-up stations and directors chairs with our names sewn into them. 

"This is incredible!" I gasped at everything and sat down in my seat. 

"You like it Char?" Evie came up from behind me and I nearly jumped. 

"Oh my gosh yes!" I giggled and she laughed. 

"Good hun! You seem so jumpy." She commented and I blushed. 

"Yeah---I'm a tad bit nervous." I admitted.

"I understand! Your first runway show, but trust me you will do great and have a great time!" She encouraged me and was called to her chair for make-up. 

"Thanks Evie!" I called and she waved back at me. 
- - - - -

Story (The Show)- 
As some workers were attaching my wings I was having trouble breathing. Nerves, asthma, excitement? All three for sure!

"Ayla, Athena!" I called and they spun around to look at me. "Good luck!"

"Good luck to you too!" They smiled and gave me a thumbs up. 

"Ssssh!" Someone shushed us and I smiled. I can't believe I'm about to walk in the VSFS. This is a dream. 

"Alright Charlotte you're all set." One of the people attaching my wings told me.

"Thank you!" I nodded and walked over to the girls who were all lined up and ready for the show to start. 

The lights came up, the music was blasting, and the first girl walked out to start the show. I felt like my heart would pound out of my chest any second, if I didn't faint first! 

It felt as if four seconds passed when a man with a headset on gave me the cue to walk on. I was up? Oh. My. God. 

I didn't even realize I started walking onto the stage, and soon enough I was strutting down the runway. Smiling, waving, blowing kisses, I was doing everything I've learned so far that would get the crowd going. 

At the end of the runway I spun around and held my wings out. I was smiling out into the crowd when I saw something, or rather someone. Nah, it couldn't be...

I blew a kiss into the camera and before I spun around to walk back, I took another glance at the face and almost lost it. Somehow I held myself together and made my way backstage. 

The moment went by so quickly, I was backstage again rushing to get the wings off. I can't believe I just did it...

As I was backstage, still in awe of what happened a few moments ago I nearly ran into Lo. 

"I'm so sorry!" I apologized. 

"No problem Char!" She laughed and I gasped. She had the fantasy bra on! "It's stunning right?" 

"Yes! Incredible!" I complimented and she was being pushed onto the stage. "Good luck!" I called out and she winked back at me. 

I just modeled in a runway show, for Victoria's Secret, and I swear I just saw him...

The only thing I knew for sure, was that two out of those three things were right. There's no way the third thing was right. None...

- - - - -
Story up! And I finished all the info/questions...
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