11.24.12 | Charlotte Jennings 

☆ Saturday :
Happy Birthday to Evie! That's right, it's Evie's 24th Birthday today! To celebrate, we're spending the afternoon on the upper east side for the perfect shopping spree. And later, Lo's decided to rent out the restaurant on top of the Empire State Building. Enjoy the view, have some cocktails and celebrate Evie's big two-four!

"Evie! Happy birthday!" I smiled and gave the birthday girl a friendly hug. 

"Thanks girl!" She smiled back. We were talking about the eventful day ahead of us. I wished her a happy birthday again before she went off to greet more of the girls. 

"Miu miu, missoni, oooh I'm in love." I laughed to myself.

"I know right!" One of the girls chimed in and nearly scared me to death. 

"Sorry I didnt know you were there!" I blushed and she just laughed. "You're Naomi right?" 

"Yes. Charlotte right?"

"Yes that's me." I responded, "Want to do some shopping together?" 

"Of course!" We started browsing some of the clothes when another girl joined us. "Athena! Isn't this lovely?" Naomi held up a stunning cocktail dress for the girl to see. 

"Love it!" She grabbed it from Naomi's hands, "Now it's mine." Athena winked and the two girls laughed. "Have we met before? I'm Athena."

"I believe we havent, but it's nice to meet you! I'm Charlotte." I replied and the three of us talked and shopped for what seemed like forever.

"Well, I think we can all agree that we were very successful today." Athena nodded in approval at our handfuls of bags that we were all struggling to hold.

"Yes definitely!" I agreed and smiled. These girls are great shopping partners.

"Char! Wear those fabulous pink pumps tonight!" Naomi recommended and we all decided that I had to wear the pumps to Evie's party tonight.

"Alright I will make it work." I laughed. "See you girls tonight!"

"See you!" They called and we departed for now. I love all the friends I'm making, they are making me feel comfortable in the city. 


"See, I told you to wear the pumps." Athena nodded in approval and I smiled.

"Thank you for your expertise." We both laughed and a few of the models came over holding drinks in their hands.

"Hey girls, why haven't you had a drink yet?" A blonde girl questioned and continued, "Ayla, by the way." 

"I'm Athena and this is Charlotte." Athena introduced us and I waved to Ayla.

"Nice to meet you!" She smiled. 

"Time to introduce myself," the girl who came over with Ayla said, "I'm Natasia." 

"Hey girl, nice to meet you." I greeted her and we all started talking about our time in the city so far. 

"Girls! Why aren't you dancing?" Evie came over to us and ushered us onto the dance floor. 

We spent some time together on the dance floor before I ran into Naomi.

"Char! I've been wondering where you were." She gave me a hug and joined our dancing group. "Who knew you were such a party animal?" All the girls laughed at that one.

"I know right?" I winked and everyone laughed harder. 

"A toast to new friends?" Natasia raised her glass. We all clinked glasses and I couldn't stop smiling. The best way to take your mind off being homesick, is to be with your girls. 


I hope I portrayed everyone okay! Let me know if I need to change anything!
People included: @labellabeautyxo @opium-glitter-guns @deidra-le-reve @larissa-xo @haute-hippie 

love, emily <3
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