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I Am The Best {by} Chaerin Lee's group, which nobody will know what I'm talking about lol nevermind...
{My story will be up tomorrow, sorry about the tardiness!}

Name: Archibalda "Archi" Freud
Hometown: Bavaria, Germany
Previous jobs: Intern at Jolie magazine
Bio: Archi was born in poverty ; she barely made enough money to buy food and maintain her home. She was nearly starving to death, losing so much weight. She became so greedy and annoyed once, she quit her job as an intern/slave. A year after interning at Jolie magazine, she was scouted walking out of the offices crying for a better job. She became friends with that model scout and got her a signed for VS.

Model: Julia Stegner
Collection: soon!
@thunder-dollfaycee ; gah i hate my username!
Story shall go here . . .

I felt the silky pink robe on my skin while a stylist curls my golden dark blonde hair. I was wearing wings today. I had been waiting over a year for this, finally I have the honor of walking down the runway with the label of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. 

I couldn’t hold in the excitement, and smiled in the mirror until a makeup artist giggled at me. “Archi, you need some lip gloss for that smile!” she coated my lips with strawberry-scented gloss which I felt like tasting, but it would’ve seemed childish of me. 

Photographers showed up and I blew kisses, smiled and posed every two seconds to imitate Coco Rocha. I glanced at the fantasy bra and nearly died of jealousy. It was completely embroidered with gems and diamonds, while the wings were even more glamorously looking. In those wings I felt lost. I started having flashbacks from my old life in Germany. 


“I’m not perfect!” I slammed the office door and talked to the Editor about my ‘flaws’. He wasn't paying me enough to stay here, and only made my internship ten times more difficult that what it already was. 

“Do you want a raise? Or do you want to quit, and lose your chances of becoming a successful and wealthy editor such as myself?” I didn't know what I wanted. Working at Jolie made me realize I didn’t like working. I just wanted to have everything without doing anything. 

“I don’t...I mean, I want a raise...but...” He walked out, leaving me in the office looking completely blank in thought

Two days later I was back in the Jolie building. Mr.Lexikon was sitting in his leather swivel chair, spinning and spinning like a child. 

“Did you bring my coffee? Two sugars, three creams? The right brand, calories, and temperature?” as usual I nodded, set them on his desk and gave him his writing pad. 

I walked out desperately eating his bagel. He noticed it wasn’t there, but I didn’t care at this point...until I get a raise, maybe then I’ll give him the complete breakfast on his tray. 

“Ms.Freud, you forgot my bagel? with almond spread and oats.” I sighed and said, “Well /you/ forgot my raise, but that clearly isn’t happening...” I walked out nearly dying

I hoped he wouldn’t fire me, until next time we meet in the terrifying Jolie building.


That’s what I saw in those wings.They represented my past, thats why I cherish them so much. Of course it wasn’t very pleasant remembering the torture of interning at a fashion magazine, but look where I am now....

“Oh no!” I quickly put my wings on and stood in line. It was nearly time for me to go. 

I watched the girl in the fantasy bra walk down the runway, observed people’s faces as they take pictures and cheer on. If only I could’ve walked first and led the rest of the angels as we enjoy the music and performances...
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