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So I'm just tired as ever and I'm not in the condition to do a decent set BUT I wanted to make an intro set for Betsy 'cause I'm so happy the rp started. So credit totally the ***flawless.mp3 @ingrid & @koolkid4ever 

All my ideas for relationsips are here. If you don't think it's the best shot don't worry and I'm sre we'll work everything out. Hope you'll like it anyway :)

PS. She'll probably not have a lot of friends 'cause she's a total btch but oh well she's flawless

{{{More on Betsy here: http://www.polyvore.com/woke_up_like_this/set?id=120041425}}}

Angel/Archangel - @oh-sectumsempra 
i think that Warren could be a little bit afraid of Betsy even after all the years they have spent together in the same school. So maybe indifference?

Armor - @/anahelenaliveshere
She'd probably boss Hisako around because of her young age.

Banshee - @/larissa-xo
Betsy will find him very fascinating with all his mysteirous allure, she's flirt shamelessy with him. Even if due to her power she maybe already know that she has no chance

Blindfold - @flowersforalice
They seems so similar that the could be either besties or enemies, up to you babe :)

Cloak - @ingrid
frenemies tough?

Dagger - @my-mind-is-a-warrior
Maybe afraid of her powers but obivously she won't show it even i front of death. i think that maybe they could be even friends.

Deadpool - @srrclrk
I totally see them as frenemies!! They're both so annoing that they could annoy eachother. plues Warren is one of the few people that is immune to Betsy's powers and it toally intrigates her.

Emma Frost - @/opium-glitter-guns
Can they please be friends? 'Cause I totally see them being friends

Firestar - @/theresascarlett
I think they are similar, they could be friends :)

Gambit - @pentax
I totally see them as frenemies!

Husk - @/angeltomlinson
Indifference at first and then friends

Kitty Pryde - @rocknroll-stoneroses
As for Armor, Betsy would boos her around for her young young age. 

Madelyne Prior - @/koolkid4ever
slowly becoming friends with maddie having interst in betsy's powers

Magma - @/sophieviollet
Totally friends, Betsy likes the fact that there's someone else in this school that has problems with their powers

Namor - @/xxchanelxx
Flirtation things going on

Pixie - @/the-darks-deceiving
maybe they could be friends and when pixie goes away betsy would be mad at her and then they'd become enemies

Polaris - @the-glamourai
i think they couln't stand eachother

Rogue - @aviolentdelight
due to rogue being loner and an outcast, betsy would probably mock her

Sage - @/mathemmatics
get along well until betsy goes over the line

Selene – @/teenroyalty
of course betsy would resect such a powerful mutant as selene because she's bitchy but she's even smart. she could use selene for joining te hellfire club and learning some tricks on using powers by greater mutats that don't boss her around like professors in the school

Spiral - @ingle
she could be one of the few that betsy could be afraid of

Surge - @elizabeth-kate
i'd like them to friends but I don't they could get alon so easily :/

Wolfsbane - @dewyrose111
I don't think they could totally get along well

X-23 - @/bat-caitlin
they're the opposite ofthe other one, so I think they could be indifferent to eachother.
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