- "You (Ha Ha Ha)" by Charli xcx

Name: Sonja Hun
Age: 24
Occupation/Ability/Position: Hardware and software genius, inventor

Likes: Music, sick beats, DJ-ing, dancing, tech, nighttime, laughing, inventing, sketching, designing, shiny/holographic things, grids, monochrome, manmade light, caffeine, sweets, eye shadow (preferably in bluish-black hues), the moon, remembering her mother, her family, being organized, being in control, fingerless gloves (she can work better on keypads with them), phonies

Dislikes: Morning, drugs (she’s seen them seriously mess people up), her ex-boyfriend, being thought of as boring or a prude, getting tricked, getting attached to anyone or anything she could lose, having hair in her face, losing control of a situation, being tired, when things don’t go her way

Bio: Sonja was the first child born to an upper middle class family that valued education and intelligent thought over everything. They collected knowledge like some people collected coins. Sonja went to the most esteemed schools, no matter the price, and pleased her parents by excelling in every subject, most prominently math and science.

They weren’t THE richest family at the school, however, and many times her parents had to work multiple shifts to pay for her and her brother and sister’s tuition. There were many new gadgets and toys they missed out on as well. But this helped Sonja become inventive. When she was twelve, she had already created a cyber interface device that was even better and faster than the one everyone at her school had been using. This helped her gain friends and followers, always waiting to see what she could come up with next.

On the side, Sonja had started sketching and designing her own “perfect city” blueprints. The thought process behind each carefully crafted building and park and bench made her happy. She liked when things were neat and organized. As it turned out, she also suffered from a mild form of OCD, which is why she craved routines and stability.

But not all of her friends were true. There was a boy at her school she liked, and who she had assumed like her as well. He was rumored to be into some hard stuff, but she didn’t care. He could turn on the charm like no other when he wanted to. He was her first kiss, but she definitely wasn’t his. He had just been using her to get her to pay for his on-the-side luxuries (which included another girl, one she thought was her best friend) with her inventions, which he sold outside school for money to fund his drug-ring with him as the kingpin. 

He fooled her for a while, but in the end she found out. And that’s when everything else in her life fell apart.

Her mother had refused to go to the doctor for so long because she was so busy working, once she finally saw him he revealed she had let an incurable disease grow in her heart for too long. She had nine months to live.

Sonja had been close to her mother. She called Sonja “Moonchild” since she was born on the night of a full moon and when she was little she had a face “as round and perfect as the moon itself.” Her whole family tried to pack as much life into those months as they could, but even still, only six months later she died and they all felt unfulfilled.

Friendless, betrayed, and now missing her mother, Sonja’s inner demons came out. She over-obsessed on routines and had anxiety attacks daily. The only time she felt stable was in her room, drawing her city and listening to her mother’s old dance music. It was filled with techno beats and retro-futuristic sounds and the rhythm helped calm her.

One day, after having a meltdown alone in the bathroom of her school during break, she noticed an old-looking mixer and turntables for sale cheap in the secondhand store she always passed on her way home. In a strange moment of insane courage she walked in, put her money down and walked straight out with them.

They became her lifesaver.

Creating her own beats and mixing specialized tunes helped keep her sane and she was able to focus on her studies again, graduating with full honors and a job in software and computer designing in line. Also, she landed a couple sweet gigs as DJ Moonchild that have taken her nightlife career to new levels. She moonlights (no pun intended) at any club she can book, from the lowest hole-in-the-wall to the swankiest it-place. She craves the music. She needs the music.

Sonja’s mother left a tiny crescent necklace behind for her that she never takes off now. She often fingers it when she’s nervous or stressed. And she loves all the nightclubs she works in. The lightshows and bumping crowds show her that it’s all right to be a little chaotic sometimes. It’s the only place she can really let it all go.


“Obsessions” by Marina and the Diamonds
“I Am Not a Robot” by Marina and the Diamonds
“Clarity” by Zedd ft Foxes
"Sweet Nothing ft Florence Welch" by Calvin Harris
“Borrowed” by Kaskade 
"Everything is Embarrassing" by Sky Ferreira
"Lost In My Bedroom" by Sky Ferreira 
“Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion remix)” by M.I.A.
"You (Ha Ha Ha)" by Charli XCX
"Stay Away" by Charli XCX
“Lights” by Ellie Goulding
"Laserlight ft David Guetta" by Jessie J
"Nights Like This" by Icona Pop
"Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia

Model: Angelica Erthal

* * * * * *

I may or may not have kinda sorta based her off of a mix of Musa and Tecna from Winx Club. And also Techno from MyMusic. And a bit of Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson book series (the architect/designing part).

I really hope this makes more sense now @unicorn-whispers, haha. I had a couple different ideas, but I liked this one the best. I hope it works. :P

I'm finally done now.
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two comments

Wrote three years ago
@unicorn-whispers Awwwwesome! Haha, thanks, it was so much fun making her so I glad it all worked out! ;D

Wrote three years ago
@unicorn-whispers It's dooooone. Haha, I hope it works xD


Waiting to Be Discovered

Waiting to Be Discovered

I believe that there are lots of FABULOUS sets out there that should be getting all the favorites, but they're not being noticed. Lots of "little gems". Join this group and together we can help each other get discovered. I encourage you to comment and or favorite as many sets as you like.
Any kind of sets are welcome: fashion sets, art sets, eyeshadow sets, interior design sets, collages, etc. ANYTHING! So set your mind free and let the creativity flow! AND most importantly... HAVE FUN!!
P.S. I try to comment/favorite as many sets as possible (the ones you enter in the group), but if I don't comment/fave yours, it doesn't mean that I don't like them, it just means that I haven't gotten to it yet. =]
Thanks to everyone who has joined!
-Established in June 2008-

We give an 'eff about the Oxford comma.

We give an 'eff about the Oxford comma.

the greatest thing in the world? writing.
here on polyvore, we have the epic "roleplaying".
ever want to write without having to create a character?
well, i'm here to solve that problem for you.
this is a group on polyvore where you enter your writing. this includes,
-roleplay stories/ads
-diary entires of your life...
our message for you?
if you've ever wanted to put
your writings/blurbs somewhere...
well, here you go.

1) comment on the sets entered into the group! make friends with fellow writers...we don't bite. well, not most of the time. beware when we have writer's block though.
2) participate in contests. i'll have themed-contests for different types of writing.
it'll be fun. and a great way to get "featured" and promoted.
3) please, please: only join/enter sets if you are serious with your writing or simply have some sort of love for it.
so once again,
be your own character.
and in case you were wondering?
"The 'Oxford comma' is an optional comma before the word 'and' at the end of a list:
ex., We sell books, videos, and magazines.
It's known as the Oxford comma because it was traditionally used by printers, readers, and editors at Oxford University Press. Not all writers and publishers use it, but it can clarify the meaning of a sentence when the items in a list are not single words:
ex., These items are available in black and white, red and yellow, and blue and green.
The Oxford comma is also known as the 'serial comma'."
- taken from

here's your pen.
- alex.
created on 11/22/10.

its all good

its all good

hi this group is for sets so come on and post all kinds if sets
Rules Please read

- keep your sets CLEAN.

-no foul language.

-no nudity

-and no alcohol-drugs

thank you

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