Ronnies little brother had come to visit with her dad. They were in reception when she'd walked past after breakfast with Alex. "RonRon!" Vincent squealed, jumping on her and catching her by surprise.

"Oh, hey Vinnie." She smiled, ruffling his hair. Her dad stood rigidly to the side and nodded in greeting to her, awkward and silent. "Hi Dad." She mumbled, bending down to Vincents level.

"I've missed you, chuck."
"Missed you too Wonnie." Vincent was a delicate age of 4, he didn't understand where he was and what sort of people were here. He just wanted his big sister, the one who wound mummy and daddy up, the one who kept him awake when she came in at 4am, the one that would allow him to snuggle up to her when he had nightmares. 

She stood up, facing her dad in silence. "How're you, Ron?" Ronnie knew her dad had never really been involved in her sending away, he never wanted to take sides but had to...just because Ronnies mum was the love of his life and that's what people in love do...right? Veronica had often wondered if that was just in fairy tales or cheesy chick flicks or Shakespeare plays, but had realized as she got older that them sort of relationships were real. There will be people you want to spend all day with doing nothing, people who could tear you apart in 2 seconds, people you'd take the blame for no matter what it was. 

However, Ronnie had realized that sort of life wasn't for everyone. Some people were viable to fu/ck things up and just create a big, disastrous mess. People like herself and the others that she'd met in here. Because they were able to love unconditionally and wanted to love unconditionally, but love didn't want them back. 

"I'm okay." She breathed, calmly, just enjoying this moment of bliss where she didn't have to worry about putting up a front, disguising her feelings or worry about whether she was intimidating enough because who was here to impress? He brother? Her dad? The other runaway misfits? 

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Wrote 4 years ago


roleplay advertising;

roleplay advertising;

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Advertise Your Roleplay

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Advertise Your Roleplay[s]

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