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pleαse like this crud set becαuse it's my birthdαy & you cαn't really give me αnything else xx ♥

Set for @cornwashere's 15 day challenge

O9; Create a set that has the entire set of a company (Forever 21)

~ Rosey // @roseygal-16 // #rosey

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My wonderful tags: @cornwashere @xo-lindsayy @love623 @tropical-summer-xo @neme2028 @theinfinitewallflower @coconut-chic @sparkleandglitter @angela10246 @allweneedisreallove @hobitanija @an-alice-in-wonderland @mindlessgirly-143 @sofi-at @mariana-cb @briannashy @wonder-l4nd @walxee-xweetok @carolinediaz0 @mjokc @hmcr @accio-samantha

#rosey #lindsayy #katrinawuvsyou #amandaiscool #sydneylovesyou #reneis2fab4u <--let me know if you want a tag added to the list!
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