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okaiii. hello der c: this tip was reuqested but i'm glad someone requested it because how don't wanna be popular?..

O1;; BE CONFiDENT; Have funnn, be happy don't be shy and stuff, always be confident!

O2;; WEAR CUTE CLOTHES; Wear nice clothes && have a nice style, infact even make your own style, be unique && sexyyy.

O3;; BE FRiENDLY; Be friendly, outgoing. These people are the best to be friends with, so be this way to get yo popularity status!! Don't be a mean, slutty & spoilt typical popular person. Be nice, this is how you make friends!

O4;; MAKE MORE FRiENDSS; Try eating lunch with a different group of people once a week. But, do not just go off and leave your friends, REMEMBER; Don't go and sit with everyone over the school year or you'll have to sit with them alot more often, everyone you sit with you can't just leave them, keep it balanced.

O5;; COMPLiMENTS; Compliment people! People like feeling good about themselvessss, do this! :)

O6;; ORiGiNALiTY; Be original; You was born one, so don't die a copy!

This is pretty much all I got, hope I helped and thanks for reading! FRAN // @frannyboy xox
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