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So this is a story. Not entirely sure where this is going i might turn it into a thing if anyone's interested in reading more of my shit? lemme know yea?


“So did you know apparently sex dice are a thing?” Lucy asked conversationally from where she was sitting curled into Ella’s side.

“Oh yea?” I scoffed bringing my legs up to rest underneath me, “says who?”

“The internet.” 

“By the internet you mean tumblr right?” I rolled my eyes, “If you believe everything you read on tumblr you probably think most of the world is in gay love with each other.”

“No,” she shot back though it was defiantly sheepish.

“So back to the topic of sex dice.” Sam said, leaning forward eagerly.

“I don’t know why guys are the ones with the reputations as sex crazy,” Danny interjected from where he was sitting on the floor, leaning his head back on the couch so he could glare at Sam.

“Who knows.” Sam shrugged, “We’re as bad as you, back to the sex dice now?” She said sounded impatient now.

“I’m just going to come out and ask the question we’re all thinking,” Ella spoke up for the first time, “What exactly is a sex dice.”

“A dice to do with sex,” Sam rolled her eyes, “Duh.”

“Thank you for stating the obvious Sam.” Danny rolled his eyes shuffling around so his head was resting against my legs.

“Well basically it’s like this dice with sex acts instead of numbers,” Lucy said enthusiastically, sitting up on her knees.

“Okay guys, I think we’re embarrassing Owen here.” Danny interrupted her, reaching over to ruffle Owen’s hair.

“Not embarrassed.” Owen muttered. His bright red face gave him away though.

“Of course you aren’t doll.” I smirked down at the poor boy. I mean he was the youngest but it still amused me how he’d been living with us with us for a couple of months and still was as innocent as the day he'd moved in.

“I want a sex dice.” Sam exclaimed, of curse bringing the conversation back to where she wanted it to be.

“Well I know what I’m getting you for your birthday then.” Ella said dryly.

“Yay.” Sam clapped her hands and bounced up and down in her arm chair, “But only if you guys promise to play with me.” 


So I had this idea of this character for an RP set in my home town of Perth. But everyone else seems so busy and no one would join so I might just write this by myself. Would anyone be interested in reading more? Or knowing at least what this is about? tagging some people that might care. I won't tag you again though unless you lemme know you want to be. x @ingrid @sarahstardom @chrissykinz @vicks @martasmiling @kkerry @pudding-fong anyone else? xD
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