2012/08/07 @London Time~ I'll do catching you this week.
# Picture is real photography that I had took from London~
Hi Everyone still in London and this week kinda tired from Tokyo-London flying but so so happy:)

My stories My days in London.
We spent 12 hrs. on plane i go to London with my big bro,second sis& friend actually,isn't my first time to visit London.I was spent my childhood with my grands here 3 years can't count maybe over 10 times that i visit here but every time when i come to visit London always amazed me. 

My grands house located on Oxford Street and my cousin house so near parliament square londres we can see Big Ben from third floor.
also,not much so far from Olympics park [or so far?]
we not much used transport we can walks haha around 5 mins Oxford-Big Ben.
and over 20 mins from Oxford -Olympics park.
sometime we parking car so near stadium and walks.

I see so many ppl can walks why we can't,exactly,my stupi* sis she wore heels she got hurt her feet since first day we reaching here,can be sneakers or beach sandals shoe better than heels.

Weather in London even just 17-20 c. but why i feels hot and timid someday raining someday sunny,Item must have in my oversized bag are sunglass,water,gap,umbrella,beach shoe,candies,scarves,binocular oh my so many and heavy my shoulder. 

Everyday here,we run to each stadium like a crazy ppl had done,we've 6 ppl also my grand they come by they own and we're separated to 2 group.
I and my friends went to joined Badminton,Basketball,Swimming,Football,Swords.

Okay,wanna share about game that i really impressed
It's Badminton [single women] Thailand VS Germany,I know not my Team to cheer for..we almost leave the game sudden my friend said so sad not much ppl cheer Thailand idk why my friend want to cheer for, and that game she work hard every single scored she had done she yell Yay!!! so impressed her spirit even she know her challenger stronger than her.

she do polite with Thai greeting so often to the audiences,the result is she win the game but not reaching to final she lost for China in semi-final.
also,Badminton this year had conflict while China,South Korea trying to play for losing?
and they both include other 2 team were kick out from the games so sad i waiting for such a long time.

Wanna share about my impressed game later,so many specially hot hot boys at the swimming pool.
I bringing Flag ,Japan/S.Korea flag Tees to wear and i could not see much ppl from my Team..
I do crazy yell alone here and ppl look at me like haha little girl done her job well.
I love sport as my precious getting excite to cheer them. but 2012 Olympics sound like Japan down always got 2nd or 3rd,but S.Korea is rising 4 place medal now.

if some game no my main team to cheer i went to cheer for UK-US but not louder ppl will see weird thing i do,actually i cheer for all my multicultural that living in me.

Today,I'm day off from join Olympics game untill Aug,09 I'll go to join Japan-U.S final Women football.

P.S. I'll made another sets about my trip later
and sorry for B-Day friends i'll also do catching up oh my,so many things!! later.
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