My London trip include 1 night 2 days in Paris :)
#Picture is real photography that I had took from Paris excepted the right one from below~

"I had a good day in Paris"
While I visit London first week after we're reaching here,we had decided to go to Paris since not so far from London mmm,unexpected !!

Don't ask me about which place and their name till now i still don't know everything. we bought guild book at the airport go to Paris with nothing in planning , challenge trip might be get lost. 

Yep,we're lost >6 ppl and separated into 2 group how sad that my sister group [my sis-her friend-my bro's GF] she complained that much she can't makes conver in Eng then she got lost and not happy with Paris if i ask her again she might be say stop talking about this haha.. but finally we thinking to Eiffel and re-unit again.

Even thought, I can't speak France even easy words,just walking and chill out around Eiffel La Défense even just 2 days we're visit
Musee du Louvre,Sacre-Coeur,Sainte Chapelle,Notre Dame Cathedral spent times only 1-2 hrs/place.

Since i was young when i thinking of France 
Palace of Versailles comes to my mind and I'm so happy this life i come to visit this great place and really so beautiful i standing and looking around remember minute how amazed me.

Because we've short time so we left Paris with full of doubt and got lost.
finally,I've a chance to speak my poor Italian thanks that save my life haha<3
we ask Parisian ppl and they not replied us with English just like foreigner ask Japanese ppl in Japan i got it,can't help but finding Italian restaurants and ask their direction believe it or not i walks till my beach shoe was ripped haha<3

Also my favorite store beside high brand are chapellerie simon,Boulevard Haussmann store [i took their pics but not include in my set]..so many but forgot their name specially in France.
I've learn so many language but totally France is Top hard to understand next to Russian.
After this i should back to learn France ,next time we'll have a great time more than this.

P.S I can't made arrangement for this set well ,not a good one of mine.


Wrote three years ago
I love this wonderful outfit!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome long skirt

Wrote three years ago
Really lovely!!

Wrote three years ago
love your pics!!! and thanks for share them with us!!! Paris is an incredible city, speechless...

Wrote three years ago
Oh my gosh, that skirt is so fantastic! Great job with the photography!

Wrote three years ago
So amazing! I'm so glad that you have a wonderful time in Paris!

Wrote three years ago
wooooooooow dear this looks so so awesome =D luckkkkky you XD it looks so fun and amazing =DDD and you look so beautiful and chic =DDD I'm really glad that you had a wonderful time in Paris =)))

Wrote three years ago
Fantastic! I'm glad you had fun there to Paris! Btw, your outfit was perfect!

Wrote three years ago
Nice outfit dear! ;)

Wrote three years ago
adore this look!what abag!
and combination of chic look!

Wrote three years ago
Love the information you posted and your pick of the short sleeve t-shirt !

Wrote three years ago
this is beautiful dear !

Wrote three years ago
this is wonderful!

Wrote three years ago
Awesome combo!!!

Wrote three years ago
Looking simply gorgeous!

Wrote three years ago
adorable set dear!!!love these flats :)

Wrote three years ago
Lovely pics <3

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous set sweetie!!!

Wrote three years ago
Wow! Gorgeous set my dear, really it's very stylish!!!

Wrote three years ago
AMAZING as always dear!!!!

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