today was orientation so i only had school for about 3 hours, but it still felt like a damn lifetime tbh.

so anyways, my schedule started with tech ed, so we did some "getting to know each other" bullshit and yeah stuff like dat u know.

and during passing period, all my friends were like "nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!@!@1@1" and yeah we reunited i guess. :-)

then i headed toward pottery with some friends and literally almost all of my friends were in there, so i was happy about that. :~)))) we only had 30 or so minutes in each class so we spent little time in each period.

next was american history and omg she seems like she's going to be my favorite teacher because lISTEN TO ME OK. ok so she was basically talking about things we needed and stuff and blah blah blah until she was like "ok, you guys can ask me questions, personal blah blah blah" so people asked and she was like "c'mon ask more personal stufF!!!!!!!" so i raised my hand and asked her what her favorite song was atm and she went "well, my 3 year old daughter loves listening to music on the radio, so right now? 'call me maybe' and one direction." ............ my heart nearly fucking stopped and omg i was like YJSAHasdkjaDNJadoodDAndbaBD ajsdAODEHJgdSDHj BECAUSE ONE DIRECTION OMG THEY'RE GETTING SO FAMOUS :'))))))))))))) I DJAKFHASJFHJAFHAJFJFJFJFJSJ so yeah she talked more about music then, "so yeah, i just really like one direction right now." OFKasfdFH exTRA POINTS FOR YOU MRS. PORAMBO YOU GO MRS. PORAMBO

so after american history was honors lang. arts and yeah it was just smart and cocky people or smart jerks so l 0 l yeah sucks to suck

after that was science, and i have 2 male teachers in there so yeah they be k3wl.

then math, last class. i have 2 teachers in there, too. i basically have two teachers in most of my classes which for some reason is so fucking strange tbh because last year only had one for each so idek.

i have ZERO classes with my crush like fuck hell no but ho hum but i have a top locker so who cares lolol

then yeah. home sweet home and out of those rATCHET UNIFORMS ok bye l8r allig8or
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