Growing hair can be really hard for a lot of people, myself included. But there are plenty of ways to help your hair grow faster and stronger.

1. Take Vitamins
► Vitamin C helps growth

2. Keep it Natural Some Days
► if you style your hair excessively, it damages your hair and keeps it from growing.
► Try keeping your hair natural for at least one day a week 
► Also, if you wear your hair in buns or pony tails a lot, try putting them in different positions. If you tye your hair up the same way everyday, it increases damage

3. Get plenty of iron and zinc in your diet
► Iron is responsible for getting oxygen to your cells, and zinc helps the repair of tissue.
► Having both of these in your diet helps hair and nail growth

4. Keep Away From Damaging Hair Habits
► Try to not repeatedly perm, crimp, straighten, curl, bleach or color hair, since these can cause serious damage.

5. Use Hair Tyes Rather Than Rubber Bands
► Rubber bands can pull out more hair, thus slowing down on growth. 

6. Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday
► Your hair needs it's natural oils in order to grow. So try to only wash your hair 2-4 days a week, depending on how naturally oily your hair already is.

7. Keep Trimming!
► Get a small trim every 6-8 weeks to keep from getting breakage and split ends that will slow hair growth. 

8. Stress Less
► Stress and injuries can keep your hair from growing because your body is busy trying to repair itself rather than grow. 
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9. Be Wary When Trying Home Remedies
► A mix of aloe vera and honey, apply on scalp, wait 20 minutes and wash hair out.
► Rosemary water, wash with it everyday

10. Use Herbals instead of Chemical Related Products
► When it comes to shampoos and hair products, keep it organic and herbal to prevent damage

11. Excersize Regularly
► Just maintain a healthy lifestyle and your hair will keep growing!

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