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Hey girls, Maya here! This tip was requested by @moony2725 :)

I've played many sports, and I know it can be difficult to look good and play sports both at the same time. Some sports have assigned practice outfits, others don't. It depends on what teams you play on. I've never had an assigned practice uniform, so sometimes I struggled trying to decide what to wear.


+ Lightweight fabrics that won't make you hot and sweaty

+ T-shirts that aren't too tight, they tend to be uncomfortable and movement restricting. Don't wear baggy shirts either, they are hot and inconvenient as they can get in your way.

+ Be sure to wear a sports bra. Regular padded and underwire bras are much more uncomfortable and can ride up. Some leagues allow you to just wear a sports bra to practice, others don't.

+ Wear appropriate shorts, they vary by sport.
- Basketball;; basketball shorts
- Volleyball;; spandex shorts
- Field hockey, lacrosse, soccer;; regular athletic shorts

♥ HAiR

+ High, tight ponytail
+ French braids
+ Fabric headbands/sweatbands
+ Pin back bangs to keep them out of your eyes. Check with your league to be sure you're allowed to wear hair pins.
+ Messy buns are usually OK for a short practice but I wouldn't recommend them for long practices or games. They tend to fall out more quickly than a braid or ponytail.


+ Little or no makeup is best for sports practices. If you really want to wear makeup, only use the basics.
+ Waterproof mascara [ to prevent mascara from running if you are sweaty ]
+ Moisturizer
+ Chap stick / Lip balm
+ Wearing a lot of makeup is bad for sports because it becomes cakey when you get hot and sweaty. I recommend NOT wearing ANY makeup.

I hope this tip helps! 

xox, Maya || @maya-is-a-mermaid 

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