Now, I've had my fair share of hair stories. I've dyed my hair with henna, turning it ginger. (good idea if you want it for a long time, bad idea if you're indecisive) I've dyed it brown before, and even had pink dip-dye a while ago (because I'm obviously a hipster..whoever is reading this). Although I've had so many hair colours, including shades upon shades of blonde (including what my aunt calls Puerto Rican blonde, which is basically the most hideous colour when combined with my skin tone), I'm extremely scared of cutting my hair too short. For as long as I can remember, my hair had always been pretty long and I was always trying to grow it out even longer. For some reason though, something came over me to convince me that my hair would look better, and would be easier to handle, if I cut it short. I don't necessarily mean super short, but I ended up chopping my hair up to about an inch below my shoulders, which is insanely short for me. You know what though? I love it. The hairdresser was amazingly nice to me and cut it better than I could've hoped!

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