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monday- what a tease!

for lazy monday mornings, work with what you've got, this style will work on any hair texture! part your hair how you normally do and adjust your bangs. tease your hair lightly at the crown, then grab some medium sized chunks of hair on each side and twist them back. i like this look best when it looks like the chunk of hair is holding your hair back, like in the picture. as you pin the twist in place, lightly push the hair at the crown up for some volume. spray with a light hair spray.

this looks great paired with wing liner, nude lips, and a cute flowy top.

tuesday- fun bun

a cute top knot is easy, goes with nearly any outfit, and is super chic. use a hair donut to get volume without crazy teasing, you can make one on the cheap by cutting off the toe of a sock and rolling it up (find one in a color that is close to hair like white, brown, or black), i swear by it! pull your hair into a high pony, then slip the pony through the donut. wrap your hair so it covers the donut and then pin in place and add hairspray. 

this looks great with bold lashes, a girly blush, and nearly any outfit! 

wednesday- cute curls

using a flat iron, lightly curl your hair all over. you can style this how ever you want. i like to part my hair down the middle. you can try braided bangs, pinned back bangs, bows, headbands, etc. 

looks great with a sheer yet bold colored lip and a denim or leather jacket.

thursday- double waterfall

use the light wave texture that you created yesterday for this simple yet impressive braided look, even if the curls fall out, you'll still have a little texture in your hair. create a waterfall braid at the very top of your head, then use the hair that has come out of that braid to create a second one about 2 inches down. 

looks great with shimmery shadows, a solid skirt and fun patterned tights.

friday- back to basics

match your comfy friday outfit with a simple style. it will keep jeans or sweats from looking sloppy or lazy. rather than starting the french braid from the top of your hair, start it from the side and braid diagonally across your head. you can braid all the way down or just leave your hair in a side pony. you can add a headband or bow if you want.

looks great with glossy lips and comfy clothes like tees and hoodies, and even gym clothes!


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