Name; Haley Kennedy Gallagher
age; 17
likes; the color pink and green, candy bars, , loyalty 

dislikes; peas, liars, shaved heads, clowns
appearance; I have semi long layered brown hair. My eyes are blue or green(I can’t tell sorry). 

Occupation; student in high school. I would love to go into the music industry somehow after college. 

Family members; Riley Gallagher(father)
, James (brother who is 23
) Kevin (brother who is 20).
Nina Demarco (age 17) Haley’s best friend since childhood
 Haley’s mother died when she was five so her dad and brother’s raised her. Her father and brothers are a part of “organized crime”
describe your room; My room is filled with pictures of my favorite bands, which they change so often it is crazy. I have a Tiffany’s lamp on my Victorian night table I use for reading all my books. The walls themselves are hunter green. That seems to be my family’s color. I have a tv and computer though I normally sit on my bed using my laptop if I need anything. I have a portrait of my mother that I say hello to every morning. I have a walk in closet for all my clothes. I do love my clothing and hats. 

way of speaking; I say Oh my God a lot 

physical characteristics [posture, gestures, attitude, etc.]; I use my hands when I speak a lot. I think I learned that from my father. 

relationships [how they are with other people]; I am usually outgoing and love to meet new and different people. A lot people are intitated by my family’s “rumored job, but my father is a lawyer in Boston C’mon. 

best friend[s]; My childhood friend Nina and my brothers. 

pet[s];a A Yorkie named “Jackie”
fears; I have a fear of clowns and spiders. I also have a fear that either my dad or one of my brothers will die or I will be left alone. I also fear I will never find a boyfriend.
faults;. I do have a quick temper. I tend to party a lot on the weekends. 

good points; I am loyal to a fault. 

model; lyndsy fonseca
taken by; @followyourbliss

@little-miss-rae I will get the guy to you asap

Introduce yourselves girls I would love to get to know all of you.
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