Sparrow had meet Kip Epps a few weeks back and she had been the one to ask him to go to Fun Town when she dropped her car off for new tires just two days before. It had all started when Kip had been shopping at the local thirft shop where Sparrow worked she was wearing a We The King shirt and Kip mentioned how Check Yes Juliet was a pretty rad song. Sparrow had laughed and said she was surprised someone who worked for Sons would listen to that type of music he quickly blushed saying it was his sister’s favorite band.

Kip would have asked her out but it was Sparrow who walked right up to him as he was shining Chib’s motorcycle, where she blurted out would you please go with me to Fun Town. Tig laughed along with a few others guys as Kip blushed as well and quickly said yes of course. She kissed his cheek and quickly walked away taking her keys from Juice keeping her eyes focused on her converse.

Their first date had been Fun Town, they both had a blast riding all the rides along with his brothers and sharing all the fair foods that was offered. He was pulled away from their date to do some club business which she just let go and this time she kissed him on the lips. Exchanging numbers she watched him walk away knowing deep down she was probably in love from the very first hello.

Sparrow stood in front of the coffin as tears slipped down her cheeks she had been standing there the past half hour off to the side so others could pay their respects, Ali watched her with a close eye as well as greeting people who came and went. It broke her heart to see such a sweet girl breaking right before everyone’s eyes.

“I loved him you know, and the sad thing is I never got the chance to tell him.” Chibs pulled the young girl into his side as his fiancé Emily rubbed the girls back. “He knew you loved him Sparrow and I know for a fact he loved you to.” Sparrow sobbed as she was pulled away by Chibs to the front of the church to have her get fresh air. 

Sparrow was left outside in the front of the church as she looked at all the people who had come to pay their respects, some just town people others were members of Sons of Anarchy, she was pulled from her deep thoughts when gun shots rang out and she was pushed to the ground. 

Kozik lay on top of the younger girl waiting for the shots to stop and when they did he rolled up off of her as Happy and Opie ran towards them.

“Sparrow,” screamed Opie as he looked down at the girl who had blood pooling out her chest and stomach, her hands were holding onto her stomach, Emily and Ali had ran from inside the church along with Jenna who fumbled with her cellphone to call 9-1-1. Ali pushed aside Opie pointing towards where Jax was currently being pulled off someone he was beating the life out of.

“It’s okay Sparrow you are going to be okay.” Ali had taken off her cardigan and laid it against the girl’s stomach pulling Jenna down to have her put pressure on the stomach while she applied her own pressure to the girl’s chest. Sparrow was crying silently as she tried to talk, Ali tried to tell her to just stay quiet to not to try and talk but she wouldn’t listen.

“You, know he warned me this would happen.” Sparrow whispered Emily was tearing up scared for the girl’s life; this wasn’t the way things were supposed to go. “He told me I could end up in danger, but I said that was okay, because I knew from the moment he said hello, I was in love.” Ali nodded her head to let Sparrow know she was listening “I’m going to be okay.” Blood was coming out of Sparrow’s mouth now and Chibs had taken Jenna’s spot and now had one hand in hers and the other on the stomach wound. 

Sparrow gave Chibs hand a soft squeeze and she gave a weepy smile towards him and he smiled back at her. By the time the ambulance had arrived and they got to them it was too late Sparrow wasn’t breathing and her eyes were lifeless. Jenna, Emily and Ali watched as Chibs lean forward closing the girl’s eyes with his hands and leaned over kissing her forehead. 

Sparrow died with a smile on her face knowing she would meet the one true love and they'd forever spend their time together in Fum Time.
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