so this year, halloween got postponed and was on Monday. My last minute costume idea was a huge success... i was a nerd, anong with my best friend, hahah you are NEVER too old to dress up and trick or treat. so for my costume, i took a light was jean shirt and tucked it into dark"ish" blue skinny jeans, long wool socks thatwere oatmeal colored , paired with bright red Vans:) than, i wore a pair of ols brown suspenders and a fantastic DIY duck tape bow tie. Last... for my outfit i wore a big old comfy old man sweater... a gray/ black that i got from F21:) 
For make up i did a super smokey brown eye, with flawless foundation face, and BRIGHT rasberry lips and wavy hair that was really voluminous!!!!!!! with Nerd glasses!:) it was really warm for post sandy weather and recieved lots of complements... and of course we listened to LWWY the whole night!!! so yup was a good Halloween and Hope everyone had the same!!!:)

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