ok so as i was saying in my previous set, i'm basically just tired of seeing terrible nicki minaj halloween tutorials. i'm not going to drop names or directly target anyone, cause that'd be dumb, but i'm just going to share my idea of a great nicki minaj costume instead.

before i start, please note
a) i'm not a fucking make up guru. i'm not claiming to know more than the average teenage girl, nor do i expect you to trust a thing i'm saying lol. with this, i'm basically going to name the products that you'll need to get the look, and you're on your own from there. if you need help applying the shit, there's youtube lol i'm not a pro.

b) dont take anything i say too seriously. i took my own spin on this, and i'm encouraging you to do the same.

ok here we go

chances are, you don't have pink hair. and that sucks, because this isn't the tutorial for you. lol jk. thankfully at this time of year, wigs of all kinds are widely available. hit up your local walmart, halloween costume shop, claire's, etc, etc. in search of the perfect long & pink nicki minaj inspired wig. if worst comes to worst, get a god damn hannah montana wig & dye that shit. if you're really not into the whole pink vibe, note that nicki minaj has dozens of other looks, and i'm sure that at least one would satisfy you more.

to really make a statement on halloween, i'm gonna suggest her BRIGHT YELLOW LIDS, LONG ASS MOTHER FUCKING EYELASHES, WINGED EYELINER, BRONZED SKIN AND HOT PINK LIPS look. 
basically you'll need
- yellow eye shadow (as bright as possible)
- eye shadow primer (not necessary but highly recommended)
- false eyelashes / LOTS of mascara & an eyelash curler
- dark black eye liner
- concealer / foundation, unless you have god damn perfect skin ugh
- bronzer
- hot pink lip stick or lip gloss, whatever you prefer.

if you're feeling lost, there are dozens of youtube videos that take you step by step through this look. i'll link some at the bottom.

for the most part, nicki's super bass outfit is super simple to recreate. all you're gonna need is a white tank, denim cut off shorts and bright pink doc martens. however, 99% of you won't have the docs, nor will you be willing to drop $100+ on them. instead, improvise with a pair of cheap ass pink high tops, or any leopard/cheetah print shoe. just keep 'em ghetto fabulous okay. BE CREATIVE. i promise you that black flats will not work. brain storm a little bit!! also, i'm not suggesting that you should wear your shorts unbuttoned to show off your underwear choice, but i am gonna say that wearing bermuda shorts and a white tee are not really gonna give off a nicki vibe. stay within your comfort zone though.

- do your nails. pink, cheetah print, neon, whatever! have fun with it. :-)
- dont be afraid to play around with glitter for a fun look. i've seen nicki tutorials that use glitter as a lower lash line eye shadow and it looks super fun.
- go with a group of friends also wearing this look, and y'all will be like the nicki minaj look alike girls from the super bass video!!!
- falsies are so fun. its halloween - go all out if you want, with some super funky glittery or pink ones!!
- if you need to cover up for warmth, dont wear a cardigan. nicki does not wear cardigans omg. throw on a fur coat or anything studded - or just freeze lol.
- listen to 'pink friday' from beginning to end to get yourself pumped up!!!
- & keep in mind that you are a super mother fucking fly black barbie for the night. WORK IT AND HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE

ok so yup thats about it.
that was fun hehe. if you want me to do any other tutorials or w/e, comment below &i'll probably do it because i basically have no life. thanks for reading!!! :)

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