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The girls have thoroughly dominated this year; the first group out of the gate was a girl group, the highest youtube views and honors are given to them and it feels as if a new one is debuting every week. Through all of the bunny headbands, pink skirts and moments of aegyo the girl groups are ready to hunt each other down to be able to survive in the crowd. Two were picked out by allkpop but I’ve added another that I think deserves just as much attention, not to imply that the others don’t. Please remember that everything here is simply my opinion and the general opinion of others that I’ve noticed on site has also been taken into consideration, you are more than welcome to agree or disagree with anything.

Not only did Dal Shabet start the mass of girl groups that debuted, they were the first rookies of the year to debut in early January. Problems came quickly due to their name which is based off of a popular children’s story “Dal Sherbert”, even more came when they mentioned SNSD, which as we know is an absolute mistake especially when concerning rookies. Before their debut their anti-café had 10,000 members, eight months and three mini-albums later and 7,000 of those members were gone. Now with their catchy songs that manage to get stuck in the heads of even the biggest anti-fans, like Supa Dupa Diva and most recently Bling Bling, Dal Shabet, with help from their Darlings, have managed to be one of the three rookie groups to have made it into Inkigayo’s ‘Take 7’ and Music Bank’s ‘K-Chart’.

With help from Beast, who featured them in their music videos, and G.Na, who was more than happy to take selcas with her juniors and help promote them, A Pink was one of the groups that fans had been expectantly waiting for. Unlike some of the other “cute” groups they’ve attempted to go for a more natural look that was common among the girl groups of the late 90’s. They quickly found themselves a loyal group of fans and just as quickly dubbed them their very own Pink Pandas. With help from their seniors and fans, and with their own talent A Pink is the third group to have gotten into both Inkigayo’s ‘Take 7’ and Music Bank’s ‘K-Chart’. Although they do appear to rely specifically on one of their members for her strong vocals, and on another one for her looks; we’ll hopefully see them split up the attention and lyrics more evenly later on, because A Pink will be sticking around.

Of all of the groups to debut; male, female and mixed, RaNia probably received the most negative attention from a single picture. Although attention would normally have been placed on the non-Korean members of the group, attention was instead placed on their outfits and choreography that could be considered quite “American”. With choreography and outfit changes that were quite last minute the girls still managed to perform wonderfully and earned themselves fans after the initial shock wore down. Still the girls have gone through being dumped, quite publically for SNSD, by their producer Teddy Riley and through it all have kept their heads high and their performances strong while other rookie groups would have been shocked and confused. Most people only noticed their mature outfits; what should be recognized are their mature voices and attitudes that will help them survive this mad dash to the top.

Here are some of the other groups, debuted and getting ready to debut.
Piggy Dolls, remember those larger girls that ended up losing a lot of weight which simply distracted from their actual singing, yeah that’s them.
Coin Jackson, the “hip hop a capella” group, they’re not horrible but they’re forgettable which is even worse.
BBAN, good voices, good ballad song, they might luck out and get an OST song but that’s about it.
Bella, redid an En Vogue song, deserve more attention for their amazing voices but will probably disappear. I would recommend checking them out.
LA.G, the classical girl group, not bad, just don’t expect them to become too permanent, they might just pop up randomly, if they do.
Swincle, if you don’t mind unoriginality and a lack of connection between the music and the music video, they’re great.
CHI CHI, if you can get past that horrible MR video, honestly the song wasn’t so great anyways, move on their song Longer, waaaaay better. They’ll probably stick around with all of the attention they’ve received.
Brave Girls, started off with a ballad that was good, but not the smartest thing. Now they’ve done their reggae style and personally I think they’re worth checking out, or they’ll break your ankles, yes, they say “break your ankles”, no, it’s not Engrish.
Leader’S, they’re determined to stick around, recently they sang a song for the Olympics, added a member and one of them now has blue hair.
INY, the “ganster” video with the people getting beaten up and received more attention than the actual song. Well if you liked them they’re down to only one original member and have changed their image quite a bit, last I checked they’re in Japan. Still they’re an interesting alternative.
Blady, vocally they’re not that bad. Worst music video I’ve ever seen though, if you let a five year old go crazy with special effects, you’ll get their video. Expect a large change coming from them though, they’re going from four members to seven so nothing is set in stone with them.
Ei-Yo, they were surprisingly amusing with their only single, which will probably remain their only single. For the ulzzang fans out there Kim Seul Mi is in this group.
SpinEL, the acoustic duo, cute image at first and then they invited the rapper from GP Basic and now they’re “rocker”. Honestly it looks like a child playing dress up but they’re young and it’s expected, they’re allowed to have fun after all.
Carcaro Girl, if anyone ever wanted to know what would happen if they put together a group of racing models with a weak team, this is what happens, a car crash.
BGH to, if you enjoy sweet ballads this group will work well for you, even their version of a dance song sounds more like a ballad. Not too confident about their survival though.
Eye to Eye, if you happen to be a Brown Eyed Soul fan and ever thought “I wish there was a female version”, here you go. They’re good at what they do if you ask me and hopefully they’ll get performances soon.
Ocean Girls, they’re not a real group, they were simply put together to advertise Ocean World.
Wind Hold Venus, the “female CN Blue”, a fun amount of English and attempts at dancing that seems a bit odd with their concept but a nice break from the typical girl group debut.
Chocolat, they’re that bi-racial group that really just looks like that one girl and her backup dancers and singers. They’ll probably survive the rush of girl groups because of their bi-racial members even though they don’t want to be defined by that, although they keep on bringing it up.
Elizabeth, “Korean Lady Gagas”, honestly, they scare me, watch as you please.
Super 8 Bit, yes they exist, no they’re not worth googling.
Swing Girls, weirdest selling point that I’ve heard of; the D-cup group. Apparently they’re the worst selling rookie group of 2011.
Stellar, it’s possible to be annoying and catchy; they’re just missing the last part. I made it through their music video once and I’m not going to try and get through it a second time.
April Kiss, the so called “female 2pm”, I don’t see it but they’re not bad or anything.
Sweet Revenge, the “Hongdae SNSD”, their given title doesn’t fit at all except for the singer’s apparent resemblance to Taeyeon. They’re good though, I would recommend checking them out.
C-Real, just debuted with No No No, they’re claiming to be five IU’s, they have yet to impress me but you’ll probably see them around.

Viva Girls, supposed to debut at some point, made up of the last two members of VNT.

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Thanks =)

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Love your article! :D Great job!
haha yh . .. most of the rookie girl group won't probably last long XD

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Your comments for each debut group was so much fun to read!
Nice article ^^

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Thanks, I thought it would be more useful, and amusing, than just listing them.



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