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Hanami Festival in Japan
Hanami 花見 meaning is Flower blooming not only Sakura but all kind of Flowers 
However,always referring to Sakura blossom as well

Hanami starting since Last week of March to early June however,based on weather from each year
and this year Sakura already blooming everywhere in Japan.

We're celebrating,by wearing Yukata and Kimono go to Temple on day time,Spring picnic at Sakura center park
also night time in Tokyo[and so many cities] we have fireworks festival 
actually Spring season in Japan we have Hanami+Fireworks+Tea celebrate+Spring dessert in one package 
** dessert such as sakura tea,mochi,matcha green tea/ice cream etc.
I think best time for visit Japan is on Spring Apr-June weather around 13-18 with some raining.

I know you're not here @crunkdidi since you always ask me when Hanami will coming 
so this set reminded me of you,I hope you'll enjoy life while you absent:)

P.S very hard to made this set ,not a pretty like i was expected to be..

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