The Handbook of a Hunter

Everything you need to know of the Supernatural World and those who rule it...
Note: The second item on each row (save for the last) is the Council member from 1883, and the third item on each row (save for the last) is the Council member from 2013. And the first item is just a go-to low-down on all the species.
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    "⚜ Everything you need to know..." — @the-inspector
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    "⚜ Of the Supernatural World..." — @the-inspector
    Dedicated to Swedish sweetie, Frida Gustavsson. hit counter
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    "⚜ And those who rule it..." — @the-inspector
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    ~Cannot walk in the sun without some sort of magical source
    ~Have no reflections
    ~Must survive by drinking human blood
    ~Must have vampire blood in their system as a human before they die in order to be a vampire
    ~Are immortal, tend to stay the age they were when Turned
    ~Talents of Persuasion
    ~Are killed by stakes, decapitation, werewolve bites, and sunlight
    ~Are unable to have children" — @the-inspector
  • Van Helsing
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    "☽Count Ivan Drakov
    A man considered royalty in both the mundane and supernatural world, the Count is feared greatly. Most probably due to the mystery that is himself; he came out of no where and swept both worlds of their feet. His wealth got him his position on the Council, and his wife, the Countess." — @the-inspector
    See picture from Van Helsing (movie): A masked Anna Valerious (KATE BECKINSALE) dances with Count Dracula (RICHARD ROXBURGH) at his masquerade ball in the epic action-adventure, Van Helsing.
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    "☾Calissa Draycott
    After her husband, Count Drakov disappeared, Calissa took his position on the Council, and, with his wealth, built a stunning reputation for herself. Rumours say she killed her husband so she could have power, but nothings to say whether that's the truth or not. She usually comes off as being cold." — @the-inspector
  • Sad Rainy Days
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    ~Most travel in loyal packs, those who don't are usually considered social outcasts
    ~Lycanthropy is a genetic trait
    ~Are harmed by wolfsbane
    ~Not necessary immortal, but have life spands of roughly five centuries
    ~Transform during full moons unless they have control of their powers
    ~Do not have a half-wolf half-human form
    ~Don't remember what they do when they are in wolf form
    ~Can die by vampire bites, and silver
    ~Are able to have children" — @the-inspector
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    "☽John Burrel
    Burrel was an established and influencial politician, until an unfortunate accident whence returning from the Degas on the night of a full moon. After his unfortunate and hostile introduction to the world hidden in the shadows he disappeared for three months, then returned and made his way straight to the top to the seat of the Council. Word says he's got some sort of alliance with Harrison Myles (if the man is believed to be not a myth)." — @the-inspector
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    "☾Lazarus Cross
    These days, the man who once went by John Burrel, is considered as untrustworthy as he was 130 years ago. And has thus taken to being more of a secluded man. You certainly won't bump into him on the street, in fact, the only way you'll meet him, they say, is if he wants to meet you." — @the-inspector
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    "✝Witches and Warlocks✝
    ~Keep all the supernaturals in balance, as the Servants of Nature
    ~Will lose their powers if bitten by a werewolf or vampire
    ~Can be killed as a human
    ~Their skills and powers vary
    ~Are born into human families for unexplained reasons
    ~Are identified by some sort of inhuman 'mark'.
    ~Are unable to have children
    ~Usually have somesort of familiar
    ~Are considered 'all-knowing'
    ~May be contracted by the supernaturals and hunters alike for thier skills" — @the-inspector
  • Noomi Rapace
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    "☽Cymbeline Sabem
    For as long as anyone's known her--which is quite a long time--Cym has posed as a gypsy, travelling the globe with various gypsy groups. Some say she searches for someone--or something--but what they can't argue about is that Cym seems to be hiding something. Whatever it is, Cym's not one to let slip." — @the-inspector
    View photos of Noomi Rapace from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), pictured as Sim and Madam Simza Heron, on IMDb!
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    "☾Katerina Belakova
    After Cymbeline's disappearence in 1884, Katerina stood forward to take the position on the Council, much to the disappointment of many, for Katerina often has questionable intensions. However, 130 years later, she's still here, most often found at the hottest nightlife spots. Who said being a Council member meant you had to take responsibility seriously?" — @the-inspector
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    ~Most reside within the Faerie Realm, of which may be accessed through portals (such as faerie rings)
    ~Are unable to lie
    ~Are typically described as being devious
    ~Are the size of mundanes
    ~Have wings, though they may be hidden, and pointed ears
    ~Are tied to nature and are very disgusted by the act of damaging the enviroment
    ~Are immortal
    ~Often have unnaturally coloured skin, eyes, or hair considered peculiar to humans, and often use glamours to hide such unmundane features
    ~Known for being very knowledgable on all matters, and being master forges
    ~Are able to have children, though are more inclined not to
    ~Harmed by iron, particularly cold iron, to the point of death" — @the-inspector
    upswept bun
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    "☽Alverie Fae
    Who ever said faeries weren't that bad, obviously never meant Alverie, otherwise known as the Queen of the Faerie Realm and most probably the most devious faerie ever to have been. Said to know your deepest secrets and darkest desires, Alverie is particularly manipulative of those she meets, a good thing she barely leaves the Faerie Realm..." — @the-inspector
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    "☾Allegra Fae
    130 years later, Alverie, or now as she's known inhe mundane world, Allegra, still holds her throne, and her Council seat. And, she's as cold as the ice of her palace, still. Allegra's influence has grown not only throuhg the supernatural world, but also through the mundane, she's certainly the most feared of the Council members." — @the-inspector
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    ~Their enchanted voices are able to seduce and persuade
    ~Do not have tails like mermaids, but are able to breathe underwater
    ~Typically devious
    ~Act as Muses for talented males throughout history
    ~Survive by devouring the human souls of those they seduce
    ~Seemingly have little or no effect on Hunters
    ~Are said to be born from the sea
    ~Killed only by having their hearts cut out
    ~Are unable to have children
    ~Consider each other Sisters
    ~Loose their manipulative powers if they fall in love" — @the-inspector
  • The Mermaids
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    "☽Calypso Cross
    No one knows quite how Calypso became a Council member, her sisters are sure disgraced that she is their representative, for of all the sirens: Calypso is the most like to pause before taking a soul. Whatever weakness she has, however, is made up for in her charisma. True, technically being a siren gives you an unfair advantage, but Calypso's words can even captivate her sisters." — @the-inspector
    Here's Gemma Ward and the mermaids from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 4 film, On Stranger Tides, Gemma looks angelic, who plays Tamara the Queen of the Mermaids.
  • Gemma Ward in Vogue India October 2007 by Patrick...
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    "☾Waverly Cross
    In 130 years, the only thing that's allowed Cross to keep her seat on the Council is her influence over her sisters, true she's never been a favoured leader, but now things just got worse. Because Waverly, as she now goes by, has fallen in love with a mundane...let's hope she can keep it a secret." — @the-inspector
    Gemma Ward in Vogue India October 2007 by Patrick Demarchelier
  • Oui! Oui! Mon Paris!
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    ~Similar to warlocks and witches, shifters are born into human families
    ~Able to shift their exterior forms into various (and sometimes infinite) forms
    ~Not necessary immortal, but have life spands of roughly five centuries
    ~Usually classed seperately from werewolves in the fact that the trait is not considered a disease
    ~The change is most regularly an act of will
    ~Are able to have children
    ~Can be killed as humans" — @the-inspector
  • Sherlock Holmes le ultime immagini ufficiali
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    "☽Claudia von Duren
    Claudia, or the Brown Mouse, as she's more thouroughly known, rose to the seat of the Council quickly after the death of her husband, the previous occupant of the position. As is well known, there was only friendship inside their marriage and nothing else, and though Claudia mourns, she remains preoccupied with inventing." — @the-inspector
    Sherlock Holmes: le ultime immagini ufficiali . Robert Downey Jr racconta come è stato scelto per il film.
  • Johnny Depp
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    "☾Ezekiel Charlington
    After Claudia stepped down from the seat on the Council, Ezekiel Charlington, infamous for his quirkiness, which most probably won him her favour, was whom she passed the position to, if he so wanted it. His loyalty the Council, however, is" — @the-inspector
    View photos of Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) on IMDb!
  • Spookteam uit de lucht gevallen
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    ~Deceased who are, for some reason, bound to a particular place, person, or object
    ~Don't take a physical form (though they may appear to) and are usually transparent to an extent
    ~Invisible to most humans
    ~Are considered knowledgable, though often deluded
    ~Fear gold for unknown reasons
    ~Cannot be killed" — @the-inspector
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    "☽Mary Semper
    Mary Semper can always be found at the Paris Opera, where she claims she was a Queen in her past life. Though that is surely questionable, no one dares tell her so, for fear of her wrath. Otherwise, Mary is sweet and happily offers up her knowledge, so long as you can offer up a piece of yours." — @the-inspector
  • Cate Blanchett: Celebrities:
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    "☾Mary Semper
    Recently, Mary has taken to silence, not offering any of her visiters a word, particularly the ones who seek answers. The cause? No one can be sure. But to have the talkative Council member silent is strange to behold." — @the-inspector
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    ~The offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men".
    ~Do not have wings.
    ~Tend to be immortal.
    ~Can have children.
    ~Vow to protect the mortal world from the work of demons.
    ~Do not hold a position on the Council" — @the-inspector
  • original sitemodels: sammy.
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    ~Do not hold a position on the Council" — @the-inspector
  • Fleurs Mortes
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    ~Humans chosen in accordance to potential and family legacy
    ~Train in the ways of killing supernatural creatures
    ~Most are decendents of Anne Leavey
    ~Are killed as humans
    ~Usually able to see through glamours
    ~Are able to have children
    ~Must swear an oath before properly being reguarded as a hunter
    ~Do not hold a position on the Council" — @the-inspector

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