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For practically the last month or so, my life had been devoted to Ivy. My dad and Dana were on their extended honeymoon so I was “in charge”. That meant making sure Ivy went (and stayed) to school, cooking dinner and keeping everyone’s powers in check. Even mine.

Anyways, Ivy had taken notice to my nearly non-existent social life. She brought it up at dinner by saying; “Why don’t you ever go out?”

That resulted in a snort from Jules’ end of the table. I shot her a look. Try as I might, our friendship was still rocky. I didn’t complain too much though, she seemed fine as it was. “I don’t know Ivy. Maybe because I’m trying to take care of you.”

“I don’t need taking care of.” She told me, taking another bite of pasta.

“Oh really?” I chuckled to myself. “If I wasn’t here, this place would be a mess. You’d be off the wall and this one over here would be boozing it up on the kitchen table.” I gestured to Jules, who rolled her eyes.

Ivy scoffed. “Oh please. You’re not as great as you think you are, Zooey.”

I don’t know if it was because we had been spending /so/ much time together but I finally just snapped. It was like the thread inside of me holding everything together just broke and all the words and anger just came bubbling out.

“Don’t do this to me. I stayed home from college for you, Ivy! I gave up everything so you could grow up okay. I’ve done everything for you and this is the thanks I get? Are you serious? Ivy, what the hell?”

She stood up. “Don’t play this card. I never asked you to stay home. I never asked you to do any of these things. I don’t need you to be my mom.”

“Then who else is going to be?”

The death of our mother was still raw. It had only happened a year ago, in fact. I guess the fact that dad had moved on so fast was some how dragging us along. I don’t think any of us realized how much it still affected.

Before I could stop her, Ivy ran to her bedroom and slammed the door. I winced as the door frame shook. “Damn,” Jules chuckled. 

“Please, not now.” I shook my head and picked up all of our plates and walked to the kitchen. I then began to wash them, slowly and painstakingly. I just wanted my mind off of things – I didn’t want to think about anything. 

All of this time, I had thought I was doing the right thing. I thought by helping Ivy with her powers and her school work and just all of it, I was doing what was best. Because Dana was not our mother and our own father was too caught up in the puppy-love. So I stepped in and as I dried the last plate, I came to realize that maybe that was the wrong decision.

Maybe I should have just let thing take its natural course.
And as I lay in bed that night, I decided that was just what I’d do.
I would let fate step in.
After all, nobody needed me here.


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