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WHICH girl-group leader is battling it out in a relationship that's teetering on the edge of insane? Every time she and her man fight, it ends up in furniture-throwing, expletive-screaming, death-threatening madness, wherever they are - at home, on the street, in a restaurant. The two are infamous in Los Angeles for their alcohol-fueled battles (and just as public make-up sessions). Now she's returned from a six-month long world tour, time will tell whether absence makes the heart grow fonder, or if she's harbouring a lot of pent-up rage.
Name: Hannah Darval
Age: 19
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Known for: Being pretty much the face of girl group Celestial. Her explosive relationship with Steane Taylor. Being a darling due to her frank nature and is considered something of a fashionista perhaps because of her her bright modest off duty style in comparison with the bands image.
Model: Lyndsy Fonseca

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