Day eleven – We’ll be skipping our classes {like you’ll really miss them} and will be driving up to go spend the day in Disneyland. It’s the perfect chance to embrace your inner kid and just have fun.

I had dressed up as Minnie Mouse to really fit in. That's right. All of us had went to Disneyland! 

It was great, now I really had a chance to get my slu*tty remark out of my head.
"I want to do it with both of the Pinelli brothers. At the same time."
Geez, what was I thinking? Oh, That's right, I wasn't. I was hypnotized. If I ever meet that son of a bit*ch who hypnotized me I'll...
My thoughts got interrupted by a funny sight.

"Hey Minnie!" I hollered to the girl now looking confused around her.
I ran towards her, and when she spotted me, she slowly began to laugh.

"I see you've also dressed up as Minnie Mouse." she said and smiled.

"Uhu," I said and took a piruette, " You're Rosaline Vega, Right? The Irish girl?" I said when I heard her speak. Her accent kinda revealed her.

She started to blush and looked down. 
"Wow," I said and laughed, "You're almost as red in the face as your hair!" 
She looked terrified at me. I rolled my eyes and smiled comfortably. "Come on, Vega. Let's find the real Minnie Mouse and make her take a picture with her #1 fans!" Rosaline laughed and we hurried off to find Minnie.

She was really nice and I had a good time. I certainly managed to stop thinking about "Slutty Eastman" for a while.

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