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Grace Milton; September 24
Collab with @sarahstardom

I was sitting on my bed, playing with my phone as I debated whether or not to take the plunge and actually call Joe myself when there was a knock on my door. “Come in if you’re good looking.” I called out, throwing the phone onto my desk with a loud crash. The door was pushed open to reveal Ally, blushing and grinning like a lovesick teenager. Which must meant 1 thing: Scott.

 "You're definitely good looking" I nodded, launching myself off my bed to wrap Ally in a bear hug. A congratulatory bear hug for whatever had her grinning like a crazy person

 "Can't breath" She choked, so I reluctantly released her, unwilling to kill one of my best friends even by accident. I couldn’t keep the grin off my face however as we laughed. Not even sure what at, except laughing is always good.

"what's going on? Besides blessin' me with your presence." I finally asked.

 "I have some news" She said in this serious tone of voice, serious face to match and everything. It would have been much more effective I will say if her mouth hadn’t been turned up, fighting off a grin "I think it's best if you sat down and I told you" She added, really going for dramatic effect

 "What's wrong?" I asked, now ok slightly worried something had happened and I was wrong.

 "I don't know if you can handle the news" She paused, "how do I tell you?" so she was defiantly just playing this up for effect.

 "Just tell me, please, Ally" I said, wanting my suspicions to be confired

"Scott and I are going out" She grinned widely. Doing just that! I’d called it. Motherfucking called it.

 "What. What? Oh my, what?!" I exclaimed jumping from the bed because I expected it to happen but not so fast. Good on those crazy kids "You're not pulling my leg, are you?" I questioned, highly doubting it. She shook her head and I screamed again. Everyone could probably hear me, but then again were used to me "Since when? How? Did he ask you or did you ask him?" I questioned, grabbing her hands and pulling her down next to me on the bed

 "1. Since the boys soccer game. 2. Well, he basically just kissed me and-" 

 "Wait, he kissed you?!" I was yelling now but wow ok that was defiantly not what I expected to have happened!

 "Yes and it was perfect!" She exclaimed, silly grin back and I was so happy for her I could burst!

"Ohhh I told you that boy liked you back." I grinned largely, ignored how i sounded about 15 and fought the urge to do a happy dance or squeeze Ally in the hugest of hugs. That might make her uncomfortable and I just wanted details. Lots and lots of details.

"Well yeah." she said, ears flaming red slightly.

"I was rooting for you kids all along." I told her in a conspiratorial whisper. I knew they'd be perfect for each other and she'd calm him down and he would bring her out of her shell and they both clearly like each other. But being the expert matchmaker I wasn't going to interfere and let love take its own course (with a little shove from me, let's admit) and voila it worked.


"Of course I was," i bounced back on the bed slightly, "You know I was and by the way your very welcome." I winked as I nudged her shoulder with mine.

"For what?" She asked looking genuinely puzzled. And soon I would stop gushing and let her (or force her) to gush. She was the one that had more to gush about anyway.

"Well for getting you guys talking again at the frat party." I carelessly flipped my hair over my shoulder in a very Ariaesque gesture, "duh."

"Thank-you" She blushed, again before surprising me when she leant over to hug me tight. Which so wasn’t normal but cuddly Ally was nice. Hugs were always nice.

 I opened my mouth to interrogate her before closing it as I decided the exact perfect words to say ”So, details.” I finally settled on before my mouth got the better of me and came out in a rush of excitement “Yes, the details! Tell me everything" 

 “Well, I went down to congratulate him after the win and he kissed me, so I kissed him back" She shrugged trying to play it off as nothing. Except it wasn’t nothing, my little Ally’s first kiss with her perfect boy, I had to focus to return my attention to her "He apologised afterwards”  For a second I wondered why he’d apologised but then I was distracted by her next words, “but I kissed him again."

 "You kissed him?!" I squealed so loud Scott himself could probably hear it.

 "The second time, yes" She nodded shyly and didn’t continue. Girl couldn’t leave me hanging like that, it was just cruel.

 "And?" I prodded eagerly.

 "After the game we went to the local Thai place and Liam kept making all these inappropriate comments and he said Scott was tiny" She continued to explain and I tried not to laugh at that, surprised little angel Ally even knew what that meant "And Scott had his arm wrapped around me. It was really cute" She giggled as I fought the urge to squeal

 "Wait, tiny?" I asked, pretty sure I knew what she was talking about but kinda wanting her to say it.

 "Yes. As in tiny, tiny" she repeated. Damn she wasn’t going to say it. Spoil all my fun at your expense Ally why don’t you?

“Ally I am shocked an appalled.” I tried my best to actually sound shocked and appalled and to not giggle, “That’s not very lady like language.”

“I didn’t say it,” She shrugged, blushing though also smirking slightly, “Liam did.”

“But you knew what he meant.” I teased, chucking an arm lightly around her shoulders, “Our little Ally is all grown up!”

“Get off,” She laughed lightly, pushing my arm off. Confidence. Scott was defiantly good for her.

“So what you’re dating now?” I asked for clarification “Doing sickening couple things and everything?”

“Yes.” She nodded, not even blushing this time. Yay ally!

“Oh great.” I faked a groan, falling back against my bed, “Now I have to watch everyone with their boyfriends or being in love with their best friend and I’ll sit here being a cat woman forever alone.” I pouted.

"And we'll find you the perfect little kitty cat" She paused with a giggle, "I could help you find one, if you'd like?" 

"Are you implying I will be the forever alone cat lady?" I couldn’t help giggling at the girls nerve, though trying to play offended. Very unsuccessfully I might add

 "Of course not" She shook her head "We'll find you the perfect boy" she paused, and I took the moment to realise how weird having this conversation with Ally was when a week ago I’d been playing matchmaker "that isn't tiny either" she added with a smirk

"Oh dear, where's the old Ally gone?" I joked, trying to fight down my grin "The bad Ally has replaced my innocent little girl, now she talks about the size of boys-" I couldn’t finish the sentence though, Ally’s giggles were freaking contagious. New Ally was actually pretty great, not going to lie.

Then she did the last thing I’d ever expect from her "I'm still here" she laughed, launching herself at me in a hug, causing the two of us to fall off the bed onto the floor. Or rather I landed on the floor and she landed on me. Really hard might I add

"Ouch" I moaned, as she continued to giggle. I couldn’t be mad, it didn’t hurt that bad and her happiness was contagious.

"Thank-you, Grace, for cushioning my fall." She managed to choke out through her giggles and I had to join in.

Ally had always been amazing but I liked her confidence. I’d have to Thank Scott.

Though I’m sure he hadn’t done it for anyone but himself.

But Ally was happy and that was all that mattered. Oh yeah and I was still the best matchmaker out there
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