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Welcome Crafters and DIYers! This is the group for you to show off all those wonderful things you create or repair or redo! You're all talented! Share your talent with us! Share your tips and tricks! share your finished products! Are you a wiz at crochet? Do you reupholster chairs? Make lovely greeting cards! Take great photos? Repaint rooms in your house? Your kitchen cabinets? Weave baskets? Decorate cakes? Show us how!
Basic rules:
1. Read the current contest directions so that you fully understand what is expected for that particular contest and follow them.
2. If language is a problem, please use the google translator so you understand what is required.
3. No Nudity, No Swearing, No Tobacco, No Drugs, No Cruelty to Animals. Sets containing any of these will be rejected immediately without warning. A repeat offender will be rejected from the group without warning.
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