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I got a feeling towards to Sehun dancing on SM Week

Day 1:Dec,24: *I prefer Day 1*

Day 2:Dec,25:

I heard weird screaming {spoke Korean} she said stop it you killing me ..i can't i can't ..
sounded like OMG OMG no no all the time,i got how that felt.
what a funny !!!!

I think you guys already watched it don't you @eikki
well me and @christabella-98 will heading to Kai What is love and don't worried you're not alone since i got a feeling i watching nth times haha<3

Moreover,EXO show time EP 6 i'd like to saying i love so much adorable Kai and 
here if you're not check it yet Eng Sub:

all of them really has an each their own character,i never got into that much such SMBoys. always thinking their relation look fake but after 2 years being EXO fan maybe first time[after Shinhwa,TVXQ] i think their friendship is real ....and i love their bromance [not in ship way]

EP 6 Sehun is the real brat here,finally i found Chen is an adorable even took me 2 years..
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