-Name; Maggie Anita Pratt 
-Age; 16 
-Chosen path; Technology (Behind the Scenes) 
-How long they have been in education/training; A little over a year 
-A short account of when they were kidnapped either in summary or short story form; Maggie was taken from her home one day when no one but her was home. Like a bad action movie the government agents broke into her house and snatched her up. After securing her they returned to her home to vaguely explain the situation to her astonished family. The government thought that the situation would work out better if there were no tear felt goodbyes or violent separations. Reassuring her family that no harm would come to Maggie, and threatening them with much worse should they take this to any authority, the deed was done and Maggie was a part of the GDYE 
-Opinion on their new government life; She hates it. She hates every aspect of it, from the training teenagers to become killers, to being snatched from her family and kept here. Unfortunately the government broke her, and after a good month or two of fighting violently to get out of this place she has resigned herself to this fate. 
-Personality; Maggie generally keeps to herself, she's not one to speak to people unless spoken to. When she does open up she's rather sarcastic, bordering on b!tchy, and honest to a fault. She's also rather curious and a bit of a know it all. 
-Likes; Maggie loves pursuits of culture, be it movies, the theater, art, you name it. That love for culture stems directly from her mother, and she clings to it as a way of revisiting her old home. For that reason she is basically a vacuum of knowledge, useful or no. She also loves sports that aren't sports, like swimming, rock climbing and biking and tinkering with things. 
-Dislikes; Maggie hates the GDYE, but hates more her complacency about the whole situation. She also strongly dislikes BBQ sauce, crickets, and sunburns. 
-Best class; International Affairs 
-Worst class; Foreign language. She gets them all mixed up in her head, and when speaking one language will often throw in a few words from another. 
-Reputation on both social and GDYE path skill; Maggie was initially to be trained as an assassin, the agency thought her cold exterior and general frankness about life would make her the perfect candidate for a murderer. But she just couldn't do it. She could do all the physical tasks, was fine with weapons and followed orders. But when it came to hurting another human being, to killing. She never could. They decided to transfer her quick learning abilities to the technology department, where her quick mind and practicality worked wonders. She's a great addition to the Tech team, and is good friends with some of her fellow techies. She is not so good friends with the assassin/espionage crown. She can't understand how they do what they do to others, and prefers to keep her distance. 
-Model; Carey Mulligan


-Name {full}; Jaime Allen Renaud 
-Age; 20 
-Chosen path; Assassin 
-How long they have been in education/training; A few years, he's not sure how long 
-A short account of when they were kidnapped either in summary or short story form; The government had visited Jaime's father while he was in school and explained to him that Jaime's shrew mind was perfect for the program. His father, being a high ranking government official knew the call of duty when he heard it, and no matter how much it broke his heart, and how much it would break Jaime's mothers, he agreed to let them take him. Jaime was snatched right off the street while he was walking home from school and that was that. 
-Opinion on their new government life; 
In the beginning, like all people forcibly taken from their home, he hated it. But with the knowledge that he was willingly given, he grew to think of this place as his new home. At least these people wanted him. 
-Personality; Shrewd, calculating, cocky, doesn't beat around the bush, hates wasting time. 
Jaime is one of those people that are vastly intelligent, but spent their whole life ignoring that fact and coasting through life. He always excelled in school no matter the effort he put in, so instead of bothering with studying he went on to develop a budding social life. His physical talents and intellectual capacity have lead him to becoming almost unbearably cocky and vain. Though, like all tragic figures this is a front to psychological problems he doesn't even realize he has gained from what he sees as the abandonment of his parents. 
-Likes; Working out, watching movies, oldies music, solitude, his room, sex, women in general 
-Dislikes; Reading, things he deems are a waste of time, dubstep, cream cheese, the security cameras 
-Best class; Martial Arts 
-Worst class; Pain tolerance 
-Reputation on both social and GDYE path skill; 
Jaime is a bit of an assassin prodigy. His shrewd outlook on the human race, and keen mind make him a perfect candidate for clean, quick murder. Despite his easy ability to murder, Jaime has quite a few good friends. Everyone else hates him. You can't get through life being a dick without a few enemies, they say. But Jaime isn't an inherently bad guy, just one tragic story out of the many kids in this awful place. 
-Model; Jim Sturgess
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