✰ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSFViu31GX4 ✰

- - - 

• that song! oh.my.damn. it's so adsjkl; uplifting and happy! c': i love it so much

• it just makes me wanna, try harder. at being a better person, a better friend, a better girlfriend, a better overall ME. just, i really wanna be better. 

• sigh. i love it so much. just. yeah. cx

• so, how are you gorgeous / handsome? doing good this fine monday? i really hope so sweetie. if you're not, and need someone to talk to, come to me. i'll listen, and help any way i can ♥

• do you like this set? i do. i really do. i think i did good. what do you think? c:

• do my crushtag, sweetie? → http://www.thiscrush.com/~alexrusso-xo i'd really appreciate it c:

• our microwave broke, so we don't have one, till wednesday or possibly later. D: i can't survive without my microwave! i use it so much more than i realized! like, i just had to put my coffee in a pot, and heat it up on the stove . . . i feel so . . AMISH! D: adsjkl; i need my microwave! :'c fuckfuckfuck

• it's so cold i'm dying! ughh. it's like . . 55º outside but it feels like -5OOº D: ugh. i hate being cold. it's the absolute worst. ugh. i need @justinbi3b3r to cuddle me so i can get warm c:

• speaking of justin c: i'm so glad i'm yours, and that i can finally call you mine. i knew from the day we met that you were different than all the other guys. i don't know how, but i knew. the way you talked to me, and smiled at me, the way you called me babygirl, but made it sound so friendly and innocent. i just, knew. i dunno. it was weird. but yeah. i'm so glad i'm yours, and you're mine. forever, baby. okay? ♥

• welp. i'm gonna go work on my school, cause i'm like 14 lessons behind, and my grades are dropping :/ ugh. school. bleh. so pm me bby c:

- - -

• taggies •

@justinbi3b3r justy wusty c:

@lezaynan0n you love me and my weirdness cx

@tiffany-alvord-anon blushywushylittlegirl cx

@justinxbieberxanonx ♥

@arianuhan0nn ♥

@thesehlgohmezanonn ♥

@payneanonymous ♥

@obeyjustinbieber ♥

@joosten-bieber-anon ♥

@jdrewbiebs-an0n ♥

@yourcanadian-anon ♥
@bi4b4ran0n ♥
@swaveyboiijunee ♥
@louis-anon we're babies together cx ♥
@channing-tatum-anons ♥
@davidschmitt-anon ♥

@zaynandharryandniall ♥

@kyliejennerswag-anon weird buddies! cx

@justindrewbieberanon1 ♥

@your-justin i'm forever your fangirl cx

@yourkendalljenner you're uber nice ;o

@anonymous-nialler rolling is fun cx
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it is soooo


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