Hi everyone,I broke my limit again yesterday!
you know right,i having a copied issue.
and i have to handle with this on&off almost 8 months.i trying to forgive,let it go,keep it quiet,even be friend with.

I can't handle and take it serious this time this should be stop ,back off from my page and i'm the one who broke limit,started it first.
i am accepted i am not trying to be such an all time good person.look stand still 8 months is enough !!

I asked it to main point,direct and sounded cruel.
what if you were me what should you do?
are you can stand still? 
long period copied issue i can't take it anymore!
surely not just copied set issue it had sth else like my friend @stephaniee90 had announced.

At least i am so glad that some ppl know my issue,know what's going on and thank you for trying to understand.

Don't worried ppl my real life is brilliant i am a happy person inside and out
esp this month many good things happened to me idw to revealed it this time.
but thinking to spending time on PV such a happy mood i am not sure about it these days.

this message i'm not blame anyone
just my true feeling.
Just like you know some joke you ever did told me look at Kai handsome face i will feel better.

Here the 3 babo (idiot) in one.
Kai bringing happy feeling to my page~
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