Ahhh u guys thought i forgot didn't you?? HA!! The truth is, i just waited till the last min. cuz i didn't get on polyvore AT ALL today. WITHDRAW!! LOL

Sooo this is pretty self explanitory. I just wanted to say:

Joe, you r one piece of work, nd i mean that in the best way possible. You are my absolute favorite Jonas. You are smart, talented, HALARIOUS, and absolutely beautiful. Everytime i see u i smile, and it's just cuz u make everything better. When i saw the Jonas Brothers in concert and i saw u walk in that stage i almost started crying. If i see a set w/ u on it, im gonna click on it and like it. While everyone was like 'Nick Jonas is sooo cute!" I was the one saying "I like Joe..." nd they were like "wahhh?" haha Anyhoo, I've always loved you and you're growing up soo fast!! Too fast in fact, but you have aged extremly well ;) Soooo before i start sobbing, i just wanted to wish u the most amazing bday ever, nd dont' drink toooo much. HAHA JK JK. Again, happy happy day, and i LOVE you soo much!! I hope you stay for years to come. In fact, i hope you stay forever, because that's how long i will love you :) <3


Oh yeah, i can be deeeeep. LOL R u crying??? Yeah, i didn't think so. HAHAHA JK JK. Nd i hope you guys wish Joey a happy bday too, cuz he deserves it :) I hope u guys like my set!! I love you all!!! <3333333
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