This is a little thing I wrote for him on tumblr, which he almost definitely won't see, but I just thought it summed it up nicely.
"Kind-of-God, King of Mars, we cannot praise you enough for the lives you have changed, and the many of us that you have saved from rotten fates. May this age be filled with dreams that transform through your own will into realities.

Love, Aly (…and many of the Echelon, whom I know agree with all of this.)

P.S. In years of the planet Mars, you are 21 years old. This explains your appearance. [I know your secrets.]

P.P.S. We love you, always. No matter what.

I love that picture of him. Such a long time ago...yet he still looks like that, haha. Different hair, same lovely face. Alright well anyway, Happy Jared Leto's Birthday to all!

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