Happy 238th Birthday America! Is this set too tacky? Anyway, I couldn't have worn anything like this anyway because I was in the the car for most of the day. My fam went out to Florida for a week, so we've been driving back now. We're staying at a friends house...SO I GET WIFI!! FINALLY! My hotel before didn't have wifi that was complimentary, so we payed for one device to have wifi and I rarley got to use it. It's been a long week, but I'm not gonna be here next week because I'm going to a camp! I'm not available from Mon-Fri. Well, it's not really a week, but it's close enough. See you guys til then. I might be available on Sunday...and tomorrow. Til' then, I'll parle avec toi! -So that was just a lil memoir of my week. Let's say a "weekly update" on moi I guess! But again, Happy BIRTHDAY 'MERICA
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