Happy pulled up at Teller-Morrow where he saw Jenna sitting at one of the picnic tables with Evita, who was sketching listening to her own iPod. Jenna was bopping her head as she looked at Alternative Press.

Jenna was looking like a real beauty dressed in almost all red, he hopped off his bike as he made his way towards her. She must of sensed his intense stare on her because she looked up and she quickly smiled at him taking her headphones off.

"Happy, I was afraid you weren't going to make it back in time." Happy gave her a smile and laughed then stopped when he realized what she did. 

"Oh no, I didn't mean to doubt you it's just Tig said you were sent on a job and that I shouldn't get my hopes up because the last 5 times we've tried to go on dates you've had to cancel." Happy sat down beside her rolling his eyes and huffing of course Tig would do that he was probably trying to get in Jenna's pants too.

Evita looked up from her sketch to see Happy and she gave a small smile and went back to drawing "I dressed her, unlike Tig, I knew you'd be back in time for the date." Happy just nodded his head not that Evita could tell.

"Well thanks Evita, J.J. looks really good, lets go we have a movie to get to." Happy got up from the table and Jenna handed the magazine over to Evita and said a goodbye.

Tig walked over making fun of Happy and how he was going soft by really taking Jenna out before actually getting into bed with her. Jenna told him to go get herpes and some floppy vagina. Happy laughed as he walked her towards his bike flipping his friend off.
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