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happy birthday to harry styles <3 no special speech because i can't be bothered plus i say the same thing each year lol. i wonder what he's doing for his birthday? probably partying or the like. remember when curly hair and dimples were the main things everyone associated harry? and i'm actually gemma styles though because my name plus my birthday is tomorrow hehe. my relationship with harry is merely a brother-sister relationship. this set isn't a magazine wherefore i couldn't add heaps of pictures of harry's face

but helloo. it's been like a week. everybody be like: jemma? no polyvore? for a week? kidding though, guess which babe missed me the most (@she-who-cannot-be-named). i never really take 'breaks' but i did and it was a whole week long. which isn't really that long but eh. idk why i haven't been on but i wanted to stay off for the rest of january. now it's february and i'm back. let's talk about what i did this week whilst purposely depriving myself from polyvore

on australia day, i coincidentally played cricket (jk more like i watched) with friends and then spent the evening playing good old mario kart. skip a few more days, and i went to the city, the museum (where i saw a creepy statue that made me think of don't blink), and the beach all in one day, haha. it was fun. i had some odd, strange, weird conversations with friends... like really weird i'll won't go into that lol.......

i also did some shopping, got new clothes, saw other friends, and yeah. other than that i probably did nothing. read heaps of books on wattpad, listened to a lot of new music, watched youtube videos, movies, and stuff i usually do? it wasn't that bad having no polyvore, it was fine actually. if i were to leave polyvore it wouldn't be that hard to be honest ;-; but i'm not leaving haha

yeah, anyway it's the 1st of february here (here aka where i live) so don't say something like "it's harry's birthday TOMOROW..." lol i literally get these comments whenever it's one of the lads' birthdays hahaha. i turn 15 tomorrow (the SECOND of february might i clarify) and that's crazy, i always feel like my birthday rolls around so quickly. and anzac day, i feel like that happens really often lol

i went through my notifications earlier and as expected, i had a lot, but i didn't expect there to be THAT much. it literally took me two hours or so to check everything, then another hour scrolling through the feed to like sets i haven't liked for the past week when i was gone. then i organised my items and made this set whilst replying to was a mess lol. this is why i don't leave my account unattended for long periods of time

dis is me lol

ok byee

comment "jemma styles" if you read all of this (last year's comment/qotd thing no doubt) ♡

- jemma

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