Happy birthday...

OK so i cnt make sets on this fucking computer. but i just want to tell you how my 16th bday went..
*sigh* it started off great no party but a day with the fam then off to my dads house for the night. we went shopping and chizz and wen out to eat and to see Hotel Transylvania and Frankenweenie. then we slept over at his apt passing out after a fill of celebrity ghost stories. next day we get to my gmas for sunday brunch. my mom asked me to ask my dad for 15$ for my homecoming ticekt because shes broke. he said no and got mad. then she asked him for winter jackets for my sister and i. he flipped out and screamed at her on the phone for lik 1.5hrs. my mom blamed me for calling my dad shit and that i use him for money. i never said that. i love my dad to death. s my mom told my gma to call me after i left and went ahopping with my aunt. she said that if i love my dad and think hes so grat to live with him because i couldnt come home. so i begged and my papa let me stay up wih them for last night and i hve to go to my gmas wh only lives across the street's hous tonight. im probably gunnah get yelled and screamed and shouted at by them all fucking night. I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!!!
im legit scared to go home. so this was my fan-fucking-great-tastic birthday guise..
sorry for typos

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Wrote three years ago
Im sorry sissy, I was praying you would have a nice fun birthday, but Im sorry it wasnt nice.


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