well hello there my laser
it's your birthday [well it's nearly finished here lol]
it's also the day that melchior gabor was writing in his journal let me point that out

i love you so damn much resa [lol remember when i gave you that nickname i do] and i've known you legitimately forever. you were one of my first polyfriends and you'll always hold a special place in my heart <3

you're the...
lea to my mark
rachel to my puck
grantaire to my enjolras ;))))
eponine to my marius
gale to my katniss.
rachel to my quinn
jeremy to my chris
hawkeye to my thor
jen to my liam
katniss to my gale
louis to my zayn
esmarelda to my quasi
wendla to my moritz
raoul to my phantom
meg to my christine [because lnd]
landon to my lauren [omg pkrp <3]

and how could i forget, the laser to my noodle. ;)
did you see what ramin's holding in the set? hehehee.

have a fabulous day, gorgeous girl. 
i love you.
xx gabi
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