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Happy Birthday to one of my fave singers Brooke White! Her birthday was yesterday. And I know a lot of you may not know who she is, but she was on American Idol in 2008 and came in the top 5. She was my absolute favorite that season, and I've been a fan of her's since!

This year, she has recorded an album and she's in a duo called "Jack and White." If you want to listen to their songs, I put 2 of my favorites on the side-they are really good, I think they deserve a lot more credit; their music is a lot better than half the stuff on the radio.

Also, I've included 2 of her Twit Pics in this set from her birthday :)
Her cupcakes, and her new bike! With her new baby girl London that was born only about a week or so ago! So adorable!
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