Happy Birthday Cupcakes~All

Happy Birthday You Little Munchkins!!
Here Are Gifts From everybody including Jawan
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Wrote one year ago
o my bad didnt know that you tagged us again-all

Wrote one year ago
ywou uwncle jwacob-Rayne
awwe thanks sooo much this will occupy them since there father not going to be there but ya'll will

Wrote one year ago
we lwove iwt twhanks!!!-twins
iw lwove ywou uwncle jwacob awnd awuntie awnd uwncle jwan iw hwave two twell ywou swomething!-Rayne
thwanks awuntie awnd uwncle jwacob and uwncle jwan iw lwove wit-Jr.
Thank ya'll really didnt have to do this-Ally


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