Dear, Dong Young Bae//SOL//Solar//TaeYang//TEYDADDY,
생일 축하한다 태 양! 사랑해! <3

Happy happy happy birthday, Young to the Bae! I hope you have a wonderful day in Japan with the other members! I hope they sing you a song and that you get everything you wished for! And I hope that you smiled lots and had Boss there with you! 

I love you! I love everything about you. We all do. That eye smile of yours that always makes my day. Your beautiful dances and swift moves. Your laughter. Your voice. Your love for us VIPS and the other members. Everything, Taeyang.

Thank you for letting us hear your voice. Thank you for staying by your brothers's side. Thank you for being honest and happy and so very talented. Thank you for being this big ray of sunlight, shining wherever you go. And thank you for the food dances, they made me feel okay again.

Last year was... hard. And the fact that you canceled everything you had going on to just be there for DaeSung and JiYong was just indescribable. What you did was amazing, my sun.

And you do the same for me. Without realizing it. You, and Daesung, and Seungri, and GDragon and TOP saved me. I found BIGBANG in my darkest moment and you guys picked me up again. And I'll owe you for it until the day I die. 

I know there's a little possibility of you seeing this.
But just like I wrote to Daesung, 
when I meet you guys, 
I'll have a big scrapbook to give you. 
With all of this.

All of those girls who don't appreciate you and notice you are the biggest idiots in the whole world. They are obviously scared away by your awesomeness. :) 
But really,
You are perfect.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I promise I will love you guys forever. 
Until you can't sing anymore. 
And even after that.
I promise.

You're amazing and so much more. All five of you are.
Never stop dreaming, fighting, smile, keep shining and stay positive. ^_^

Happy birthday, Dong Young Bae. <3

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