Even though it's been however many years since the explosion of the Beatles; since their music impinged the Earth with a golden nail, their legend still is living. 
And, of course, the Beatles wouldn't be the Beatles without any of the Beatles, but today is for George. 

George Harrison has shone a light onto this world and onto the hearts of all his little fans. His smile can put a smile on anybody's face and he had that rare humor that could make anybody laugh -- young or old. 

George really was -- and is -- the sun, the moon, the stars and so much more. He had such an impact on this world and it's people with his spirituality and love. 

I really can't articulate it. 

George is still around and he's holding hands with all of the people who love him. I really think he knows. He was charming and witty and, while the world was busy building factories, George was busy planting flowers. He was of the Earth. 

I really hoped that what I said would turn out better, but I can't really put into words what he means. I mean, I never knew George, but there's something there that makes us think we do. Which, may or may not irritate him, but I think he cares -- the big bundle of sunshine. 

Rest in Peace, George and Hare Krishna and God Bless and all the rest. 

(That rhymed)

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