@Harry_Styles : Harry, you’re 19! Oh my.. Can you believe it? I can’t! Well, I just wanted to say, Harry, happy birthday! I wish I could give you a hug right now, but I can’t. But I send you the biggest virtual hug you’ve ever had! And two kisses on the cheek too! I hope you’re having a lovely day, with all your friends and family. I really want to be with you right now, and see your beautiful smile and dimples.
You’re an amazing boy, with a beautiful family, and incredible friends and band mates. And I’m also so thankful for everything you have done for me (and for all the directioners around the world). Thanks for making me happy. Thanks for your amazing music. Thank you for all the times you put a smile on my face, thanks for making me feel like I’m worth something, thanks for making me feel care, thanks for being YOU. Thanks for giving me new friends around the world. Thanks for giving me new friends around the world. Friends who understand how I feel about you, friends who I probably never going to met in person, but friends that are going to be forever in my heart, right next to you and the boys. (I also have to mention that I learned a little bit of English thanks to you!)
You can’t imagine how much I love you; you’re the most important person I have in my life. And if I wouldn’t have met you, my life wouldn’t be the same. I think I’ve never loved someone like I love you. I truly don’t know how I can love someone I never met, or talked, but I do love you Harry, I love you so freaking much that it hurts. I don’t know how and when you guys became so important and essential for me. 
The funny thing is, when I first watched the WMYB video, I wasn’t attracted to any of you. Yeah of course I liked the video and I thought you were all cute and stuff, but I wasn’t “obsessed”. But after a few weeks of listening the song and watching the video all over again, every single day, I noticed how beautiful you are. And I fell in love. And since that day, I’m in this amazing (sometimes tiring) fandom. I was totally surprised of you guys, because you were all so funny and close to each other. I mean, I never supported a band before yours, so I didn’t knew how all this it would be. I even thought it would take me a while to learn your names (don’t worry, it didn’t).
You see, being a directioner from Latin America is really tough. We only get to see your concerts on YouTube, or your albums come a few weeks later and that kind of stuff. And it’s just so frustrating sometimes. I can’t even imagine how it was for the latin girls who were here since the first day. But then, I see pictures of you, I see your big and beautiful smile, and I’m so happy, just because you’re happy.
And since then, you mean so much to me! And don’t even know you, I mean, I’ve never met you in person and all that stuff. But I really want to meet you one day, I don’t care when, I just wanna say to you all this in person. And hug you, and take a picture with you. Or just say hi! It’s my biggest dream. And I’m going to meet you one day. I’m sure! It might sound ridiculous, but, have you ever had that feeling that you’re so sure that something is going to happen? Well, I’m sure I’m going to meet you, and how knows, we might be friends ;) 
You know, nobody in my family and none of my friends, supports and understands me or my love for you, but believe me, the love it’s there. Want to know something? I’ve lost plenty of people in my life, especially on these days, for many reasons, and the major part of them doesn’t make sense at all or are just pathetic, but I know that you’re always going to be there for me, through your music and your beautiful, dreamy, heavenly and perfect smile. And that’s one of the MANY reasons why I love you all so much.
I know it’s hard to believe that 5 guys who sing can change a girl’s life, but it does. And you’ve changed my life in so many ways. Without you, I don’t know where I’d be right now, probably going out with some friends or whatever. But take this for granted, I will NEVER regret being a directioner or supporting you. Because it’s the best decision I’ve done. 
I’ve never been in one of your concerts, and I haven’t been here since TXF days, but from where I am, and from now on, I will ALWAYS support you. I don’t care if you’re all bald and wrinkly, I’m going to love you till my last day.
Oh Harry! I can’t describe how proud I am of you. Even though people have invented so many things, even though some idiots have been so mean and rude with you, you’re still a sweet boy. And I know you just don’t act for the cameras, you’re truly are a nice lad. You’re a wonderful, authentic and genuine boy. And you have so much talent! I don’t know why people still ask you to be more, but please never change. Please. Stay right like you are. Sometimes, they’re going to hurt you, but stay strong. I know you’re strong. You’re such a good person, and an amazing boy.
Harry, you’re 19. Time really flies. I haven’t met you since TXF, I’m not a childhood friend or whatever, but I’m surprised of how fast you grew up. You’re practically not a teenager anymore. But for me you will always be that boy with curly hair, perfect greens eyes, the cutest dimples ever and the most beautiful smile I’ve seen. I wish you a life full of happiness, love and health. You deserve it more than anyone on this world. I love you, Harry Styles. Happy 19th birthday. God bless you. xx
“Age is just a number, maturity is a choice” 

MDF <3
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