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Technically, it's still 24th in Canada, so I'm not late for Krystal's Birthday.

Congratulations for being an adult now FINALLY!
I thought you are twenty something jks :P
Like what you joked about people always thought you were more mature than you actually are
They might blame you for being cold
However they don't know
you were still a kid 
you were just tired
We, Krystalism/Krystalized or whatever you call (Please comment if you know what Krystal's fans name are) understand
You are just being yourself
You will improve if you know you're wrong
We just <3 love the way you are

If someone works hard to become a star I will said you are born to be one
You were discovered at the age of 5
How much potential you have in order to be spotted at such a young age
You must be a star
You just attract people 
Please be pretty forever
To be honest (no offense) 
I think you are the prettiest in SMENT
You know you are:)

Happy Birthday 

Love, Naomi
P.S. My special comeback for Krystal<3
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